Pixel 6 – Samsung x Google is HERE.

Samsung x Google is HERE! Unboxing latest Google Pixel 6 leaks reveal a new Samsung made Whitechapel Chip, Galaxy Z Fold 2 CHEAPER, Mi Mix Fold & More news!

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73 thoughts on “Pixel 6 – Samsung x Google is HERE.

  1. I personally want to see Google partner with either Intel or Nvidia to make the GPU for their pixel phones. Like how Samsung is doing with AMD for their Exynos. Because with armv9 getting announced and it bringing ray tracing to mobile it be really cool to see either of them work with Google. One reason I’d rather see Nvidia than Intel in the potential proposed hypothetical situation would be DLSS for mobile games. Digital foundry did a video with Control on DLSS 2.0 running at 540P upscaled to 1080P and it looked great. Nvidia is rumored to be bringing it to Switch so why not Android?

  2. If it's all true, then no chance for poor people like me, Pixel phones are overpriced for me while Samsung flagship is definitely out of my league. If they are collaborating that would be greatest overpriced device in the last decade…after iphone tho…

  3. I was so worried the 6 would turn out to be like the 5. I daily drive a 4XL and I wouldn't trade it for anything worse. Google's reignited my high hopes.

  4. Dude I’ve been seeing all your videos…you are totally biased to samsung and commenting against apple …lol… know this samsung will be always a decade behind to apple’s eco system…you always make mistake in describing any phones specs..so I’m unsubscribing your channel you narrow eye jack ass…..that’s why you never have a apple news lol…grow a pair and accept there are better phones than samsung

  5. If google offer this, it will be 🔥
    but also can't wait for Samsung
    to launch new Galaxy Watch 4 on the market b' cuz' of the futurs that can offer by now
    Blood Glucose sounds amazing, hate to prick the fingers of my Dad, he is
    Type II Diabetic…

  6. question, if the pixel 6 has its own Google chip how was that going to affect Bluetooth codecs are we going to be back to the lowest one again because aptex is Qualcomm

  7. please think twice before buying a google pixel phone recently my pixel phone camera stop working after android 11 updates not even with me but also with all the pixel user if you guys don't believe in me then please go to the play store and see the review on google camera app all the reviewer has the same issue. and now they are saying that go to the service center and spend plenty of bucks on this phone while I know that this is not my fault then why I should spend my money.

  8. If Google's processor and camera is based on Samsung's hardware.

    Does that bijectively mean Android 13 will automatically be much more optimized for Samsung's Exynos versions and One UI?

    I'm kind of confused though

  9. This is basically the first time I'm hearing about this and I'm incredibly excited. If they make the rights moves they will be an absolutely killer team. Will definitely be the best phones on the market

  10. Mi Mix Fold is way better than Galaxy Z Fold2 tho. Mi fold has snapdragon 888 chipset compared to Z Fold2's 865 chipset. Mi Mix fold uses Adreno 660 gpu and Z Fold2 uses Adreno 650.Mi Fold has 108 mp main camera. Mi Fold's resolution is 1860 x 2480 pixels. Z Fold2's resolution is 1768 x 2208 pixels. Mi can shoot 8k videos while Z Fold2 can shoot 4k videos max. Looks aren't everything dude.

  11. I think it's kind of weird that iPhone and GOOGLE That's had a relationship and where Google pays iPhone 12 billion dollars but now the US government is not allowing that transaction to take place no more and all of the Google apps I guess will no longer be on iPhone of course the date is not set in stone but I already got the message saying use Safari instead of Chrome but nobody's talking about it if you have a video about this subject please tell me of course this platform is Google so I don't think they would I don't like Safari please help

  12. Used Samsung since thier first plastic touch screen phone, but Im going to rock the new Pixel 6 if its not a dissapointment like Pixel 5..
    Samsung is already eating iPhones for breakfast but now since Google and Samsung annonced a collab Apple wont stand a chance

  13. Had a pixel 3xl and liked it..very clean but after an s10 plus I just got a 21 ultra but may go back for a pixel if I don't get a game phone next

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