PixCell LED: Official Introduction | Samsung

Introducing PixCell LED for intelligent headlamps to enhance road safety.

63 thoughts on “PixCell LED: Official Introduction | Samsung

  1. Can you guys fix the poor illumination for KIA SELTOS LED reflector based headlamps? Maybe provide it as an auxiliary attachment unit?

    I'll be happy to all the testing and share the real work results.

  2. Soon samsung will gonna sell sandel to over mom
    Future:20m long can travel
    • light weight
    • hits more Hard than normal sandel

  3. Hey! (:
    Confusing the viewer with a quadrillion of different abbreviations and tech-like sounding phases doesn't make it a better product 🙂

  4. Thought this was an evolution of the Mini-LEWD TV. Didn't realize it was for car headlamps till the last line and reading the description lol

  5. When the car was lighting up the LED in front of the wall. I thought it was a projector! LOL Maybe car needs projector so we can enjoy movie everywhere. Heh

  6. Will the LED cause screenburn like my samsung galaxy phone? Will I need to invert the leds to black and use it with minimal brightness? 🤣 go home samsung you're drunk

  7. Scamscum needs to stop making defective, cancer causing devices. No heat pipe, tons of firmware and hardware defects. Dangerous dogshi+

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