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Pillola Atelier "Quanto durerà lo smart working? La psicologia del Cybercrime" – 15 aprile 2020


The agenda of today's atelier first of all it will present a focus on the specific challenges of smart working in a cyber-security perspective, what kind of attacks are prevalent at this stage, we have seen that criminals, as parasites adapt quickly; one of their most important assets is this almost instantaneous adaptability In the new context they have changed, at least to some extent, the type of attacks, the arguments they obviously use for social engineerint and phishing and also the tools they use and the attack patterns they make and therefore: what are the IT risks, how do we protect smart workers and how we do it, in protecting the smart worker, or large numbers of smart workers, to manage cyber risk with a view to managing overall corporate risk

My name is Denis Walter Cassinerio and I am in charge of the commercial management of Bitdefender in the regions of Spain, Italy and Romania, which make up southern Europe for us Three regions, three "country", which are all three interested in the implementation, if we want, of mechanisms smart-working – home-working / smart-working and there when we go to regulate work from home, obviously with different interaction modalities depending on the one hand of CoVid19, that is forcing us to this way of working, and obviously referring to the government indications of confinement, but also cultural and economic We have seen how cyber criminals take advantage of the situation trying to exploit our uncertainties and concerns in this way, smart-working leads us to focus our attention on the safety of the devices we use at home, but, at the same time, the infrastructures are less manned and therefore more exposed to risk So how can we equip ourselves to better protect our systems in this scenario? With the strong relocation of work, the new center of interest from the point of view of safety and risk management, it has become the end-point In particular, the workplace for people who are at home

But we must certainly not forget all the other systems of our IT infrastructures; today, like and more than yesterday, we must update and improve our defenses, to be able to identify and block new attack technologies and at the same time mitigate the risks associated with the historical period we are experiencing The needs in this context are precisely those of a renewal Above all to relate the information and then look at what is going on, what are the new behaviors and new signs Constantly keep the risk under control to assign the correct priority we are in a condition of scarcity of resources, as we were saying So you need to go and intervene where you need it, and of course we shouldn't forget to identify network traffic, network traffic that is necessarily changed by home connections, from home connections, and therefore we must also take into account that the new traffic analysis can tell us what is happening and anticipate as much as possible the occurrence of an accident, the occurrence of an exfiltration of information, and an eventual attack

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