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Phuentsholing to Thimphu, Tech Travel Eat Bhutan, INB Trip EP #21


Namaskar Welcome to another vlog of Tech Travel Eat

We are now going from Phuentsholing to Thimphu Its our first trip at Bhutan Its raining heavily Its 3pm now So lets us have our lunch We saw a restaurant here and came in

People here are drinking beer which is common here When we asked them do they have food, they said they could make noodles for us So we have ordered that So lets go inside to have lunch This is a restaurant we got in to have lunch

This is the set up here Some having beer and some food People watching Bhutanese channel Heavy rains outside Whats your plans? Are you vlogging? We have got soup noodles now Eggs with noodles in a soup model

Look at him cooking with a child on his back He is making omelette I have asked for one Thats what he is making The little girl is looking at me The omelette is ready

She is busy washing vessels The eggs look like the ones we get in our place Sujith owner is having his food Do you want omelette? In my life I have eaten many types of noodles But this was a variety one

It was spicy My lips are burning A soupy noodles Now you can wash your mouth in the rain like this All are looking at us We have got the permit from Phuentsholing and started our journey upwards After 1km there was a check post Sometimes nobody will stop you there

But you have to stop there and get the immigration stamp done from there If you dont do that from there you will be fined from the next check post Your vehicle permit should be entered there There are two check posts here This place is so beautiful You have to enter both the check posts and never miss it You have to do the same while returning also for exit Its so foggy here

How much is the temperature shown on the vehicle 24 degrees Nice fog and greenery You get to see more of West Bengal registration vehicles Now its 3pm 3pm in the car means 330

Its half an hour more than our country 3 in India, so 330 in Bhutan So all offices open and close accordingly Many are looking seeing KL registration vehicle From the office many were asking are you from Kerala?All the officers at Phuentsholing speak Hindi

They are friendly too They dont have any arrogance They respect all they see That is what I felt It may be true

Now its zero visibility Cant see anything How about stopping the vehicle aside Can we stop? A car has overtaken us Lets follow him

He was behind us all this time We cant see anything We are just following the Bhutan registration vehicle in front of us Its pure zero visibility Now its almost like this for the last 15-20 minutes Else we could have stopped here and taken some beautiful pics I forgot about driving in Bhutan Now I shall catch over Nepal

This is our first international trip with our eco sport Nischal is busy taking photographs here Rain pictures Its so beautiful But have to take through the glass Its raining heavily

All the vehicles are moving one behind the other without any horn or hazzle They drive so decently Its a new experience for me Driving in another county I have been to European countries But I have never drove outside India I drove from Bahrain for some time There is a place called tree of life

So when going out with our friends, I drove for a while You cannot drive without a license there But I just drove a bit for fun Did you ride a bike at Langkawi? No I am first time driving outside India

Anyways thanks to Tech Travel Eat I have changed the name to Trek travel eat Can people without license drive? No, they cannot You first take a license Why havent you taken one since so long? Look at the roads on Google maps They are working perfectly now a days People used to say the google maps dont work in Bhutan But anyways its working well for us

Now the rains have stopped Can see the fog still Its beautiful I am feeling sleepy the way he is driving Isnt is smooth? Smooth so feeling sleepy Bhutan

Bhutan We have stopped at a point on the way The view you see from here is heaven! Look at this Its a dense forest Its just dense We are standing above the clouds

If you look through these trees you can see the roads we came through See the roads we came through We crossed all these ways See how dense the forest is The roads are also good Beautiful landscape here How is it? Superb

The climate here is now 16 degrees We started from Munnar and then to Kochi, Kolkata, Darjeling via Gangtok we have reached Bhutan Now we have Nepal, Srinagar, Leh, Manali left to go We have the rights to make changes to our plans We might change a plan The seven sisters is a new experience for us We would like to know that If not possible to meet all the seven sisters, we may see atleast 3 of them

We may go to Meghalaya and see Chirapunji Hariska said he can come and join us only after 12th He can reach Nepal only on the 13th after Eid He will be going to Thailand and then joining us So we may divert our route Saleesh is now with us

Whats your plans? I got leave for 5 days If he extends my leave for few more days, I can stay for longer Lets see I liked the place a lot Long since I have gone out of my area I like travelling and loved these places too

Me too I have been working for 6 years and now taken a break I go for short trips but this long break is for the first time Its very relaxing for us We go to Ooty or Masanigudi with my owner Santosh All those are places we see often This is a total change for us What a beautiful place

The more we move forward the visibility is decreasing Its raining slightly, its writted low visibility area Now the road is seen a bit Can see the vehicles when they come closer Some are coming without headlights Look how beautiful the place is The place is so beautiful

Look at this Superb water fall Look how pretty this is My hands are shivering Cant hold the camera

Seeing this place reminds me of the first shot in Bahubali That same feel He climbs on a moutain like this What a beautiful scene Its so great Nothing to say about this place

Its Bahubali! Look where its going Feeling scared seeingt this No words to say Its just superb I am so excited

I dont know if you can feel it in the video These are the Tibetian clothes here I cant hold the Mobile properly The waterfall is very strong Can you see this bus named Bumpa Transport Bus Cute, isn't it? Emily, is this Toyota? Yes it is But there is nothing written on it I like their number plate very much

Red colur number plate with DP written on it Taxi vehicles will be having yellow colour number plate We have stopped at a restaurant here Here you get beer in almost all the restaurants Here beer is available everywhere but smoking is strictly prohibited

We have ordered for 2 cups of tea They prepare awesome Masala Dosas here Here Indian food is widely available Roti, curry, rice all are available here See everybody is sitting and having food

Here we have their menu Beef, Chicken, Mutton, Pork all are available Beef has been written in Bold letters Looks like there is no ban here for beef You will get all kind of food here

There is a wide variety We had order for 2 tea, Lets go get it Its nice to have hot tea, black tea etc in this cold climate In this holtel they charge 150/- for Masala Dosa, 20/- for tea 20/- for a tea is ok but 150/- for a masala dosa is a little high

But after staying here for 2 days, you will feel like having one Even the shops are far away As far as we have seen, the average cost for a meal per head would be 100 to 200/- Our tea is ready They are adding sugar to it

In our place do you know how they make tea? They pour it like this Have you seen that? Yes I have They pour it like this and make very good tea The people here are very good, very friendly I liked them

Bhutan is a tourist friendly place I feel really comfortable to do a Vlog here Nothing to feel embarrassed about Nobody to stare at you So lets go out and have our tea

It would be nice to stand in the cold and have hot tea We are done with our tea That's when we noticed that there is a petrol pump here You either get any one of them here Either petrol or diesel

Here we have a small supermarkets Lets go inside and take a look Its a small supermarket but really nice This is how the men and women carry their kids here They carry the kid on their back like this

The kid looks cute and see how comfortable he is Looks good, right? Now don't go and tell our people to implement all this, ok? Earlier the person who was cooking food was also carrying his kid like this while cooking Isn't this their traditional monument called Zongo or something? I forgot its name They have kept it covered So we have crossed the foggy area and come forward

We are able to see few houses and shops now The buildings here in Bhutan are all constructed in their traditional style Even the commercial buildings as well as the houses We are travelling through the roads at the base of a mountain We are not able to step out of the car as its raining continuously

Now we have actually started to get the feel of our trip I slept for almost half an hour Emily has stopped the car in front of an awesome waterfall Had to wear my jacket to step out as it is very cold and drizzling Its 14 degrees here now

Where is Nischal? He is gone to take photos Lets wait for him Now I will drive for some time Have you taken good photos? I have got some awesome clicks You were sleeping so you didn't know anything

I didn't know that you guys stopped the car I was in deep sleep My hands are shivering Do you want a jacket? So we have just left from the water falls It was an amazing one

We have put Emily on the back seat Boss is driving now What dressing is this? Yellow colour t-shirt, blue cap Is not a cap Its called a hoodie

Along with that a jacket and a blue jeans Its a total variety including a violet colour shoe The driving culture here is very good As per the rule to overtake the vehicle going in front We can overtake them once the vehicle in the front switches on his left indicator

Lets see if the lorry in the front gives us a signal with his left indicator Yes he has He has given us the signal to overtake him At the same time if he has signaled with right indicator, that means we shouldn't overtake Almost 90 percent of the people here are following this correctly

If they are stopping the vehicle somewhere then they will switch on the hazard light Thats actually the best part of as good driving culture These black cows look very beautiful There is a nice bridge here Wherever you look you will find beautiful waterfalls and forest streams

I am really impressed You know why? On our way we saw a check post and we stopped there Nobody was stopping us We have to stop at every check post even if they dont ask us to We have to stop and make an entry there

I stopped there and handed over my passport to them They cross checked are earlier entries They wished me saying have a nice trip and safe journey and gave the passport back with a smile After that there is a police check post There we have to show our vehicle permit

Once you show them the vehicle permit they will mention it there They also wished us a nice trip and safe journey and closed the door for Saleesh after he entered the car I was thinking how good these people are I am feeling super excited If we give respect to the people who visit our country we get the same kind of respect from others also

Here we have noticed that people are very courteous Same way how they keep their roads so clean We haven't even seen a piece of plastic till now So its our duty to keep our country clean No minister is going to come and do it for us

The cleanliness of our country is each and everyone's responsibility So if you see some plastic on the road just pick it up and put it in the dustbin without hesitation 10 people will do that seeing us do it See how neat this place is We signaled them with the indicator and they overtook us

This place looks amazing covered with fog Its been 2-3 hours we are not able to see anything Its so cold also We were so happy to see the fog earlier but now its full on fog We are becoming more impressed about the nature after travelling each kilometer

I am sad that we couldn't see all this clearly as the sun has already set Looks like the sun will rise early tomorrow We can enjoy tomorrow Oh God! Driving through 2 mountains How beautiful it is

If we were travelling through here during the day we could have got beautiful visuals Look at the colour of the sky What a beauty 67 kms more to Thimphu This is Sujith Bhakthan, Emily George and Saleesh from Tech Travel Eat driving through the amazing, not at all crowded, grand roads of Royal Bhutan

We are entering Thimphu now Here we can see an arch saying Welcome to Thimphu City A traditional Bhutanese style arch It was a relaxed drive, It took us 5 hours to reach from Phuentsholing to Thimphu It was a nice drive

Since it is night we could shoot only very little visuals We will shoot the visuals well on our way back for all of you We have booked our room in a hotel called Hotel Bhutan We have to show a 2 days hotel booking voucher to get a visa to Bhutan So we have booked a room for 2 nights in Thimphu

We are using google maps to guide us to our hotel There are lots of hotels in Thimphu and of any budget We have paid 5700/- for 2 nights for 3 of us in our hotel We think there is ample car parking space in that hotel There are also rooms starting from 600-700/- in Thimphu for normal people

Looks like a nice town, isn't it Saleesh? Superb The over all ambiance is awesome Full of lighting Their Vaasthu Sculptures are amazing All are well built

They are built in the shape of palaces Same way there are many wooden houses here Maybe because they get good wood in plenty here So Emily now you must be knowing why I am wearing yellow today Finally after a long drive, we have reach our hotel in Thimphu which you can see right behind me

Its called Hotel Bhutan I have already told you about the booking details of this hotel We had booked yesterday If booked earlier we could have got rooms in more reasonable hotel Look at the buildings there

They look so beautiful We will be showing you all these in the coming days The architecture here is beautiful Just look at our hotel here The lighting, wood work all look so awesome

Every building is a square shape and will have 4-5 floors but the architecture and painting on those are amazing Can't explain it We will show you tomorrow There is a West Bengal registration Innova and a Bihar Registration Nexon here And our KL registration Ford Ecosport is also here

We are the best Its after entering Bhutan that people have started to notice our car People were curious seeing the India-Nepal-Bhutan sticker and our KL registration The main thing about this city or country is that this place is full of positiveness No negativity at all

The moment we crossed the West Bengal border we could feel the positive energy and you can see it You will get loads of videos from here Plenty of videos I think we will get videos for next 4 months from this 2 months trip itself I will go home and sit peacefully for 2 months after this 2 months trip

For me this is my work These people have left their work and come on a trip but I am still working We all say that he is sitting 24 hours in a resort and enjoying but he is actually working there Enough Lets go see the hotel

He is the only one who is hard working So lets take our bags and go to the hotel Hotel Bhutan So welcome to our room We have got room number 301

Look at the door Variety, isn't it The rooms are very spacious 3 people can easily sleep on this cot They have provided an extra bed also If you open these windows you will get an awesome view

There is no fan and no AC in here It shows 13 Degree Celsius outside Awesome I think we will get some good breeze if we open this window for some time Wow

amazing There is no net also Look at the cool breeze coming in Look at the Heaven on top

So this is our room The important thing here is that everything closes by 8pm We reached here at 845 pm So we will have to go out for dinner

Anyways its an experience So lets go out and have dinner Not sure what we are going to get to eat but lets go and see There is something called Ema Datshi which is the special dish here Something served with rice like our Nasi Goreng

Super I was busy taking photos of the room Since we have a resort Sometimes pics don't come out well when we click We all have got names here

Photographer Nischal, Driver Suku I still haven't got any name yet But might get one soon So lets go for dinner now

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