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Peter Sagan's S-Works Venge Disc | Tour de France 2019 Pro Bike


– This is the bike that the legendary Pete Sagan will be using at the 2019 Tour de France It's his Specialized S-Works Venge

(whooshing) (dub step music) For the first time in his entire career, Pete Sagan will start the first road stage of the Tour de France wearing pretty much standard Bora-Hansgrohe kit, albeit with a rainbow band at the end of the sleeves here And that is because he's no longer world champion, Alejandro Valverde took that last year, and he's no longer national champion, because his brother, Yuri, took it just a couple of weeks ago But that doesn't mean he hasn't got a custom bike, of course, because he's one of the biggest champions of the sport So, S-Works and Specialized have made him this one for this year Slightly more subtle than the one that Jon Cannings brought you at last year's Tour de France, which had that green glitter towards the front

Still does have the glitter, but on a much more subtle gray, and it transitions into the matte gray here at the top and right through, down to the back here Now, I don't do so many pro bikes for videos these days I leave that to the more tech-savvy Jon Cannings and Angry Lou himself, Ollie Bridgewood, but I quite often get annihilated when I do do one for not doing the free hub sound test, so I'm going to get that in early doors Ready, here we go (wheels rapidly whirring and clicking) The other thing I get criticized for is not doing it properly, so here we go

(wheels whirring and clicking more rapidly) Right, that's enough of that Now, along with the glitter, which, I have to say, does look very good in the Belgian sunshine at the moment, there are a few other subtleties in terms of this custom bike for Sagan Of course, there's his name here on the top tube He's got his initials there at the front of the top tube, too, while down here, which is the same as last year's bike, in fact, it's got his three world championship victories written down They were won consecutively, of course

2015 was Richmond, 2016 was Doha, and 2017, he won in it in Bergen, and, I dare say, it won't be long 'til he wins his next one and I'll have to add a fourth one here This version of the Venge was released by Specialized before last year's Tour de France, and he was using that green version that Jon Cannings showed you last year, so I won't go into too many details about what they did versus its predecessor, but just a quick run-through They've managed to make it more aerodynamic through wind-tunnel tests The frame is over 200 grams lighter than its predecessor The fork is 25 grams, and at the bars, which I'll get onto in a minute, they saved over 100 grams, which is a lot

Like last year, Sagan is opting for a threaded, CeramicSpeed bottom bracket, as opposed to a press-fit, I think, basically, just because it's more reliable Speaking of reliability, on the bike is an almost-complete Shimano Deore HDI-2 groupset behind the wheels, which I'll get onto a little bit later on Start down here at the cranks, actually 1725 millimeters are the length that he's running

On them, though, are 54- and 42-tooth chain links Reasonably uncommon, I would say, although, that said, we are seeing more and more sprinters running a 54-tooth chain ring for the flatter stages Just inside the chain rings, he has got this K-EDGE chain catcher, just to prevent it dropping off and hitting the bottom bracket At the rear, his cassette for the fast stages is 11 up through to 28 That will, of course, change during the Tour de France, as, indeed, could his bike, 'cause he also has access to a Specialized S-Works Tarmac for the hillier stages

Now, one thing that a lot of you commented on on last year's pro bike of Pete Sagan's S-Works Venge was the fact that the Specialized 4iiii power meter was a rather garish orange, and I think they've listened to you because it's now a much more subtle black, which I think is in keeping with the rest of the bike There, at the top, he's using an Aerofly stem and bars, and that stem is a whopper I've just measured it, and by my calculations, it's 145 centimeters, from the center of the stem cap to the center of the bars Speaking of the bars, they measure 42 centimeters, center to center, at the end of the drops there

I actually particularly like the bar end caps that Specialized they provided here On those bars, he's also got the satellite shifters, so that he can change gears while he's sprinting in the drops And then right at the front there, you can see his Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT That one's on a particularly neat mount there, at the front, which is just a single unit going back into the stem I do like that one

Almost all the cables on this bike are hidden from view, except just a couple here coming out from the bars, and they go underneath the stem here and just into this headset space, where they go down into the frame The other very neat thing about this bike is where the Di2 junction box is hidden Not anywhere near the stem, it is, in fact, in the Aero seatpost behind here, so you can barely see it On the top of that seatpost is an S-Works Romin EVO saddle with the FACT carbon rails Height of the saddle? 76 centimeters, just over, from the center of the bottom bracket to the tip here

And now, he's running a 56-centimeter frame, which is the same as, of course, he's had for quite some time Lots of pro rides, as we all know, would downsize one frame size It's just more aerodynamics and, also, to get a little bit more stiffness But he is quite a tall chap, actually Just bumped into him after his training ride and looked his stats up

One meter 84, which is a little over 6 foot Let's move onto the wheels now, which come from the Specialized in-house brand, Roval The ones that he's got on this bike, which is, in fact, his spare bike, with a number two on the back here, are the CLX 64 deep-section ones, and mounted onto them are a pair of S-Works Turbo tubular tires with the GRIPTON compound Now, I can't actually find a size on here, but to me, they look like 25 millimeters As you can well see, Sagan is running disc brakes on this bike

At the front there, we've got a 160-millimeter rotor from Shimano, while at the rear is only 140, and they're both flat-mount calipers Beyond that, I think I've mentioned the pedals yet He's running Shimano Dureos there, too These are the R9100 version, which is the newest one He's also got Tacx bottles and cages

The one measurement I haven't given you just yet is his reach, from the tip of the saddle here to the center of the bars, and given that humongous stand, it's a long reach 62 centimeters is what I've just measured it at He's a tall bloke, but that's a big stretch Right, now I normally would give you the weight of the bike, but unfortunately, Ollie Bridgewood nicked my scale this morning to do a couple of pro bikes himself, so I can't tell you the weight I know that, last year, it came in at 7

46 kilos, and I think it might be slightly lighter, because there seems to be a little bit less paint, but it will be around about that What's going to be interesting is to see how long it is before he wins his first stage and how long it is before he goes into a green jersey I guess we'll see, which is exactly what he's got written down here underneath the bottom bracket Right, let us know what you think of Sagan's 2019 Tour de France bike in the comments section just down below, and if you can't get enough of your Tour de France tag, you can find our latest video just over there

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