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Our Worst Tech / Gadget Purchases of 2019 – What's Yours? ?


Hello, friends, I'm Amit and welcome back to our PhoneRadar's new video and guys, in yesterday's video, we have talked about 2019's best products which I have bought otherwise tried or reviewed it as well and, let's put them all aside and talk about Worst Products, the products after trying felt like my money has been wasted or rather time has been wasted or might have given us the worst experience too, so, firstly, it's the DJI's Osmo Pocket well, initially it felt like a quite an interesting product and it felt like a tiny camera that can fit easily in your wrist and thought we could play around with it and also appeared to be quite useful in making vlogs but, no, I got to know that the camera's controller need to be purchased separately on which after Googling, got to know it was on pre-order I've waited for some time and after a couple of months, it was made available for that, I had to spend an additional Rs 10,000 and after going through all that finally, when I started using them then further I got to know that its field of view practically is quite small and now there are rumours that suggest that in the next variant the company might be bringing a wide-angle lens but then when the company launches the world's smallest gimble point of view camera for vlogging then at least field of view should have been better as the mic here isn't good but at least a good field of view would have solved the problem so, that is one of the biggest product I didn't like talking further and we have Panasonic GH5 well, guys, this is a camera, which we have generally used in most of our unboxing videos this year for all those top angles and side-angles as well if you have noticed many of those videos were some times blurry and out of focus and this is due to Panasonic's camera, which has an issue with its software and it also doesn't get frequent firmware updates frequently but even after the updates focusing issue has been persistent I'm not saying that the camera has an issue here, overall this is an amazing camera, which takes quite great shots but then whenever you change your dynamic location and if you feel that you don't want to shoot at this location while talking but rather shoot on the sofa behind or somewhere else then you'll need to fiddle around with all the settings of the camera after which, it still won't properly focus on the face and on the background it occasionally focuses these appear to be plenty of quite small issues but practically it's not worth the time alongside I also have Canon 200D which is a simple and a basic camera or my regular camera, which is the 80D so what I love about these cameras is that the Face focus works flawlessly whereas Panasonic, great in quality, but focusing is quite awful talking further about Sony, its quality is good, focusing is good, but it has got a world of options, which will further lead to confusion but then recently you might have watched it last Saturday, I've made a video wherein I switched to a smaller vlogging camera, which we can further discuss about its experience then comes the Nescafe's Coffee Machine well, I also fell for the hype, we've seen its Ads and felt that it was an absolutely delightful coffee machine, which can be controlled with your smartphone but, no, 8 out of 10 times it doesn't connect at all with your smartphone if you think about having a cold coffee and you've poured cold milk to the machine, but it still mixes it up and gives you hot coffee again, it's not a perfect product it has got enough hype, here I'm sharing only my personal experience and I'm feeling sorry for buying it so, I don't think I would recommend you to buy that one and now, let's talk about Xiaomi guys, with Xiaomi whenever we travel internationally especially techies we certainly visit Xiaomi's Mi Home and what do we do by going there? we sneak in keyboards, earphones, mics, I have enough bought Xiaomi umbrellas and also Xiaomi's shoes and Xiaomi's smart screwdrivers, as you can see here there are some smart motorized screwdrivers or here you can see complete motorized screwdriver sets which you can see here but, let me tell you about this thing, other than all these we also have smart doorbell from Xiaomi and all these products look quite fancy, the whole point of this video this point is primarily don't fall for the hype, the way we look is that for instance, it's a lower-priced screwdriver, normally you would get a screwdriver for Rs 500 – Rs 700 and this is priced Rs 1000 and looks cool with a fancy box a cool looking setup with good packaging but, as soon as you start using this motorised screwdriver then they often get inoperative, meaning all our products here actually, all of them here are damaged and the umbrella has been quite a disaster we were in a group and it started raining and as soon as I opened/on* it it gave a blast and all its springs were haywire it was an embarrassment altogether, which is another thing product is nonetheless faulty, and in the rain, we were standing with umbrella's damaged handle I mean what else can go wrong than this and at this moment you would feel it's better to have bought an umbrella for Rs 200 – Rs 500 at an ordinary outlet a normal umbrella, which does its job and saves you from the rainfall so, my whole point is buy the cheap ones often and the expensive only once and especially don't try to buy all these Xiaomi's cheap products with the brand's hype in mind, you would be a little concerned or attracted to these cute little products, while shopping and you would consider buying it just like Xiaomi's doorbell, which we have set up in our office here and whenever a guest comes or any Swiggy guy or a Zomato guy comes despite ringing the bell for longer periods it won't ring and it would only ring after the respective guy has left already to add further the app doesn't work we have reviewed earlier Xiaomi web-cams as well and I'm talking in long term perspective of these products here and, now half of them don't work and another half of them won't configure and the remaining, when any guest is in our studio and the cam suddenly produces sound in Chinese and the guests will obviously feel awkward and shocked who's talking here and what kind of surveillance is set up here so that is where I feel we should actually go for some branded products and not like Chinese products especially from Xiaomi and moving on as we are here talking about branded products let us talk about the biggest e-commerce platform, which is Amazon and I was thinking oftentimes for a teleprompter or for basic shots whenever I record videos I would place a tablet on the side wherein I can see my live preview to check out my face and all the required angles and on whether everything is perfect or not for which I need a cheaper tablet and investing on Apple iPads appeared to be pointless so, I thought Amazon makes tablets let's use them they are worst firstly, battery's trash, meaning, shoot one video and when you want to shoot another video the battery dies and moving on whenever you unlock the tablet it's filled with Ads I know you are offering at a cheaper price, but these many Ads!? here it appears Amazon and Xiaomi are competing against each other for showcasing Ads and also appears who will win in showcasing, however, Xiaomi wins nonetheless as it's products are filled all over with Ads, recently when I booted up their TV in China, it greeted with an Ads but then this tablet is a piece of garbage for sure again, if you want to invest or buy a proper tablet and your budget is low then prefer an older iPad at least because of the iOS ecosystem you get a better product but Fire tablets, don't buy them ever, at least according to my personal experience these tablets were worse and then we have Ring's video doorbell, well, guys, on which I made a video earlier about Video Doorbell 2 I thought I would install a smart doorbell at my office and home, wherein pressing a button just like in Ads you might have watched international YouTuber videos on click of a button, the video is instantly live and I wonder why they don't work in India in a similar way well it sure appears that the preview comes up instantly but no it won't be coming instantly as showcased and our courier delivery guys here definitely don't have patience they would continuously ring the bell and might ruin this product entirely so, these products look fancy but they're not still ready for the market, meaning, I would say these have to be optimised a lot and they should have better processors and should be allowed to connect through Wi-Fi connectivity and here you also need to install physical wiring connection or else they don't even work so, this is another product, which I have felt I've ruined $250 meaning Rs 20,000 on this box that's due to the items inside, would end up in the inside only eventually making a Rs 20,000 show off box that is also another product, which I didn;t like talking about the products, which I've liked I have already put up the video and is Live from yesterday on our channel you can find the link to it in the description area below or you can click the card here up top, go through that video I won't be giving links to all these products here that's because I haven't liked them at all and you guys buying these would be a loss for you as well so, don't buy any of these products, at least based on my recommendation, regardless, if you've liked any of these products, tell us, in fact, do let us know in the comments below on which products of this year did you feel that they were worse or useless and not worth your money by seeing an Ad or going through someone's video you felt that it would be an amazing product but ultimately it came out to be bad product, then quickly comment down below of the same so, this has been our year-end video, wherein I've talked about our worst purchases of this year again, if you've liked the video then do hit the LIKE button and stay Subscribed to our channel for more such interesting videos I'm Amit and I'll meet you guys in our next video, until then, GOODBYE!

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