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Our Best Tech / Gadget Purchases of 2019 – What's Yours? ?


Hello, guys, I'm Amit and welcome back to our PhoneRadar's new video, and, guys, here's the end of 2019 and now it's time to talk about our best purchases best products, which we've bought this year or experienced it or used it as well guys, the first device, which I would like to share and which I've used it is Apple's iPhone 11 Pro Max again I'm not saying that this is the best smartphone but for one primary feature, I would say this is one of the best smartphones and that is for video shooting feature, the phone's got amazing camera setup and again in terms of camera there are a lot of good options in Android too but, when it comes to video shooting, the crispy video footage which I get is quite splendid again that too only in natural light talking about the artificial light then this phone's camera is quite standard, again, whenever I generally shoot outdoors I feel this is one of the best product and that's why I'm considering this as the one of the best purchase moving on, the second product, which I had liked the most this year is this as you can see it on the back, OnePlus TV again, OnePlus had launched two new models the variant which I have comes equipped with mechanical speaker, which shifts down when required which is quite a cool factor and along with it you also get a cool looking remote control with Netflix support too, overall it's an amazing TV from OnePlus again, I can also say this that the first TV launched by OnePlus appears to be a perfect product that's being offered that's the reason why I would say OnePlus TV is also an amazing product and also I consider that this TV for me is at least one of the best product of this year talking further, here we have Realme Buds Air well, that's because Apple's AirPods 2, which I have bought for Rs 16,000 price point I think I bought it internationally in the US for around Rs 13,000 there's a video on that too I've bought the AirPods 2 in San Franciso and here are Realme's version of AirPods 2 at a price of Rs 3,999 meaning, the same AirPods and funny fact here is that Realme hasn't opted to any branding on these Buds which means whenever you wear them and go and also with the same White Color edition then no one would notice that they're Realme products and in fact Apple AirPods generally are launched for iOS devices, but here you can say that these 'AirPods for Android' at Rs 3,999, which means what else can you expect for Rs 3,999 there's a wireless charging option too and here, they are also offering wireless charging base wherein it has got 10W charging support so, it is quite an amazing product and a value for money product and, a very good product, which I would recommend then comes Xiaomi's keyboard this keyboard is named – MIIIW and, I keep using this keyboard in my daily usage, initially, I thought it would be cool for B-rolls in videos and after I've started using it it has come out to be one of the best keyboards in fact, one more good thing about this keyboard is you can dock your smartphone on this keyboard upfront so if you're working and thought that your phone has to be somewhere then you have here a small dock like stand, where the phone can be kept and you are sorted, which is a good thing plus, the keyboard here works with a dongle or via Bluetooth and it also supports PC or Mac, in fact, you get two buttons on the keyboard for Windows, which is the Windows button and Command button for Mac as well, which overall makes this keyboard one of the best product again, all these products' whichever links are available/live and active will be shared in the description area below if they aren't available then, unfortunately, you need to go to China and buy them moving on guys, here we have AirPods Pro, well, AirPods Pro definitely go for it if you have the budget then these are one of the best AirPods despite many offerings from other brands the offerings of this product according to me, as of now, is not offered by another brand out there as it has got build, size, comfort ear fit and noise cancellation everything 10/10 except if you're on the flight, and I recently went on a China trip and I felt I need not carry noise cancellation headphones like Sony/Bose and will carry only these AirPods but no, the cabin pressure and it's noise is certainly cannot be cut-off with these AirPods but then apart from that in your regular life, meaning on the daily usage this could be one of the best products, which you can buy if you've a budget of Rs 25,000 then I would recommend you to buy that one moving on guys, there's this little product here on which I've made a video as well, it costs around Rs 50 which is web-cam cover, again, the links can be found in the description area below I would recommend this for not about its price, which is either Rs 50 or Rs 100 or Rs 1000 it's more about your privacy every other gadget can be hacked these days like laptops also get hacked and if you work from home and often keep open your laptop in the bedroom then I would recommend you to use this product and blackout the laptops' camera for good and, if you want to place a video call on the webcam then you can slide it as you can see and can enable it meaning you can give access to the camera again, but, by default, if anyone tries to remotely access your camera then he would certainly wouldn't be able to see a thing with your laptops' camera, again, as I mentioned earlier, it's not about Rs 50 here but, it's valuable if you're saved from any such kind of hacks and guys, here we have Padlock this is made by Igloohome, which we liked it the most if you notice here, the lock's wear and tear is already quite bad because we use this every single day and here I use it in my office and at my home too and this has come out to be one of the best product as our entire team here can use this one lock we share it's password online and remotely we keep changing it too and it works perfectly so this is an amazing and useful product and then there's another product called Google Nest Wi-Fi, which I've bought this year in San Francisco and in my home and office I've set up all the Google Nest Wi-Fi hubs and zones and they've come out to be one of the best products as I don't face any internet issue all across my home and even if I play PUBG from any corner of the house might be a corner or a balcony or on the couch, or living room or dining room wherever it might be it provides amazing connectivity with Mesh Network as the whole idea and not only Google Nest Wi-Fi if you want a perfect solution, I would recommend then consider buying any Mesh Wi-Fi wherein you get individual hubs to place them across your home and then you would get an amazing experience again then there's another product, which I have purchased this year, which is a bag from Ovis meaning a smart bag, on which I've also made a complete video, which you can check out in the description area below or you can check it on the screen as well it has come out to be one of the best products as it has got some amazing technology with which you can get a SWAG feeling when you're travelling in an airport people will definitely lay their eyes on you as the bag is following him meaning there's something special here for sure and hence it's an interesting product if you want to see the full video, and also want to buy such products the links to them can be found in the description area down below so these are all the products, which I felt, after having used them practically best or you can say perfect to use them, you guys can also feel free to comment down which products did you like the most this year in using them and which of them you've bought and felt they were pretty good and also share your point of view of those products and how did the perception of you change after using the product don't forget to let us know in the comments section below and in tomorrow's video, I'll let you know about some more products which you can think of not buying or at least the ones I recommend you guys not to buy, so, stay tuned and if you have liked this video then do hit the LIKE button, and Subscribe to this channel for more such interesting products I'm Amit and I'll meet you guys in our next video, until then, GOODBYE !

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