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    ORANGE & BLUE REPORT: Football – Georgia Tech Week Press Conference


    Really gratifying to finish our road stretch with an ACC victory after having started that way I'm really proud of our team, the preparation they put in, the coaching staff

    And it was a great win, and exciting, and hard-fought In relation to the game and kind of a few things that contributed, no turnovers for our team was a step in the right direction in terms of that setting We also did not take the ball away So however, we stopped North Carolina on three 4th down attempts, which I consider takeaways– and really that could have been the primary difference in the game– is our ability to stop them on the fourth down If we could replicate that game three more times, I would take it today and not play the game

    I really was encouraged by what I saw And North Carolina, their identity is different They came in leading the league in plays over 20 yards And we could certainly see why We struggled to play the ball down field

    And they're fast and dynamic We did not pressure their quarterback as effectively as what we had been But our consistency and our production in that game was– I thought it was right on point Georgia Tech is still a run-first football team and creative in their application as they're transitioning They have athletes obviously at the quarterback position

    And I'd like their running game It's creative And it's effective So they're doing a really nice job of, again, both being creative and transitioning from the triple option There are still option elements

    But how they're running the ball, I think they're doing a nice job I like their running backs I think they're physical I think they're tough I think they run hard

    I think their team plays hard We won two of the three coastal road games But then when you frame it and go to Notre Dame and Louisville, we didn't win those two It just so happens And we had that stretch all in a row

    And it's another lesson for me of what it's going to take if you have a stretch like that to get your team, our team ready to perform with the resilience that we finally saw that matched the execution So the other games, we were resilient and played hard, but the execution didn't necessarily match the resilience This one, finally, at the end of that stretch, the resilience and execution came together for enough to win For the most part, we gave our offense a chance to win And I think we have a lot of improvement, obviously

    And just staying healthy at this point is the main focus Guys are dropping It's that we all got– came close, just knowing that there's really no one else So it now comes down to instilling that confidence in the young guys, just letting them know that they can just play Playing DV, you're going to get beat at some point

    So you kind of just don't play not to get beat Play to make plays I guess once we play to the level that we can, it gives him opportunity to move around the pocket– be the explosive player that he really is Sometimes he can take it to wherever he wants to, wherever he sees it best, because at the end of the day, he has the best eyes out there

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