OPPO Reno5 Pro 5G Smartphone Unboxing & Overview | AI Videography

OPPO Reno 5 Pro 5G Unboxing & Overview this smartphone is …

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  1. Impressed with how it comes with 65W super-fast charging which can charge up your phone in mere minutes and also the use of the brand new Mediatek Dimensity 1000+ chipset which is a boon for mobile gamers.

  2. Hi sir I like all your videos on smart phones .sir I want to buy a new smartphone under 15k with all aspects so can you please guide me to buy thank you for your assistance 🙏

  3. Wait for couple of months and see how the sick skin so called the colour os abuses android and slows down the phone . Guys please do not but these phones like oppo , Vivo . If you want to get the real android experience go for pixel 4a

  4. Yes sir…
    Video department of the phone is Good..
    Definitely Want To See In-Detail Review(or vlog)
    Also Dedicated camera Detailed Video

  5. Yes sir please put full honest opinion review on Reno 5 pro camera… I want to buy my first phone and I’m not sure if I should go for this.
    Will be waiting for your review sir

  6. Can you please do a month later review of this Oppo Reno 5 pro phone with indepth rear camera Video samples, Battery performance on a day to day basis. More towards the Video performance as to Is it at par with the OIS camera phones, this OPPO's ultra stabilization?

  7. It losses viedio clarity and goes to 1080 p and we can't adjust any thing manualy while stability on over hyped and over priced phone having no ois in this price range and normal viedio having no stability at all it is not a viedio graphy expert

  8. Hello sir, (from a follower of your videos)
    Can you please make a video about bloatware issues and compare them with the latest smartphone brands. And explain us which smarthphone brand we shld consider to buy related to that with notable specs

  9. You have captured the essence of this smartphone very well. The oppo reno 5 pro has some truly great features in the camera, storage, RAM and battery department. Not to mention the powerful mediatek dimensity 1000+ processor that it uses.

  10. Copy of mi10i 5G in 2mp and 2mp macro and less battery but 65w VOOC charger that's it and upcoming phones alerts the other one that his call is being recorded bloody google dialer app which can't be uninstalled from phone I want to kick google dialer outta phone but can't

  11. The integration of the MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ is definitely one of the best and the most highlighted feature of the Reno 5 Pro 5G, but along with that the camera setup of the phone is also worth noting. The AI videography along with the rest of the camera enhancements makes the phone a camera centric smartphone.

  12. this phone has a really good quad camera setup. i saw some shots posted on Instagram by some users and was amazed at the quality. the integration of the dimensity 1000+ processor is good for the camera sensors.

  13. Oppo Reno5 pro 👎👎👎is totally worst hand set DISPLAY ISSUE within 24 hours, even went to OPPO service center but no use at all not replaced creating story. Totally Worst Hand set don't buy,👎👎👎

  14. I feel the Oppo Reno 5 Pro 5G is a great entrant into the Oppo Reno lineup. It brings incredible design and a dimensity chipset with a well-rounded experience.

  15. Dasavadharam tamil film kamal had 10 get ups…. I was surprised and excited when i found him in 3 diff looks in a single video..and that opening.. interuption from the future..!lol..!😂🔥

  16. Not happy with phone, basic features missing in handset, I need a solution to these issues.. I have ONE BASIC Question why do we Change Our Phone – to Upgrade yourself with time….

    1. Can't change Display name or Font Size of Apps ICONS.

    2. Sorting of Contact number – doesn't work as desired…

    3. Unable to Select Multiple Images or Video to Move/ Delete….very tedious exercise on a daily basis for users.

    4. Not able to Multi-Select Messages by using Search Feature

    5. Speed Dial Option not available.

    6. Auto Call recorder not available.

    7. Gallery Sort by ( By date, Size, Name) option not Available.

    8. Option in Favorites Contact Icon size not able to change

    9. Unable to change Brightness level of Flashlight/ Torch..

    10. Facing issue in watching & Editing Videos as video time slab Current, Left and Total time not shown …

    I did inform you about this to your WhatsApp Support Team…

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