Oppo A74 5G | Unboxing & Full Tour

Unboxing the Oppo A74 5G, a budget smartphone costing £249 in …

100 thoughts on “Oppo A74 5G | Unboxing & Full Tour

  1. Oppo somewhat fell off the budget market. Still have my F5 youth from 2017 and boy it did not even get android 8. Can't even root it, there's little to no resources because this phone is somewhat too secure, it does not even let me use developer mode without that yellow status bar thing and it's annoying.

  2. Please make a list of best budget laptops.
    You are the only one who makes [Best Budget phones] videos really well.
    Please like this comment so he can see it.

  3. I'm curious. Are you seeing much 5G coverage in your area?
    In the few areas around me the only 5G towers have swapped in 5G instead of 3G modules to make space, so it may actually reduce other coverage on those towers.

  4. I like the look of this one, would love to pick your brain on an anime film from years ago, would love to find it but can't remember the name… you up for the challange?

  5. Another well presented and in reasonable depth review sprinkled with your usual humour.

    The phone seems rather bland. One of your other comments pointed out the difference in pricing between here in the UK and in Europe. In Europe it is priced similarly to the recent Poco launched M3 Pro 5G. In many ways it seems similar in specs to that phone but way more expensive here. Another comparison, the Realme 8 5G, is also similarly specced (??? Does that look right to you guys ???) and cheaper. 2 branches of the same group competing for the same market but needing to differentiate in price.

    For me this is not a contender.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Just me or does everyone else say “and for more on the latest and greatest tech please do poke subscribe and ding that notification bell, cheers” as Chris is saying it

  7. SD 480 5g antutu score is between 260-270k.
    In the UK, this is priced at £249.99.

    Not worth it – poor audio and no eis for video recording, poor 8mp front camera, no fast charging etc

    You can get the poco x3, poco x3 pro, realme 7 5g, mi 10t lite, redmi note 9t, moto g 5g plus etc etc – all more powerful with better specs for less.

  8. Would be great to see you review the realme GT neo/ x7 max 5g. You can import from Ali express for around £250 all in. I'm seriously considering it. Specs seem rather good for the cost!

  9. I find it difficult to get drawn in by all these new phones that are coming out, whether its 4g or 5g when you have the Redmi Note 10 series to just out matched all the specs and camera features, not to metion its prices to. Xiaomi did it right in releasing the Note series early on this year that sets up the standards and price competitions. Bravo Xiaomi 👏👏👏

  10. Cheers for watching my A74 5G unboxing, full review is going live later today (May 25th), then it's onto…something that's currently embargoed

  11. Why is the Chip lower than My a72 sadly most phone are getting crap these days I've had probably with every single phone I've had in last 5 yrs. My Samsung S3 was a great phone never had a problem until my ex stole the bloody thing never seen it again.

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