Opera Mini now with sharing files offline | Opera Mini | Mobile browser

Opera Mini browser is now the …

33 thoughts on “Opera Mini now with sharing files offline | Opera Mini | Mobile browser

  1. Wish Opera had extension support. Opera is based on chromium right? Kiwi Browser is also based on chromium and has extension support. Please add extention support to Opera…

  2. I prefer Firefox mobile with possibility to install ublock origin and other addons, opera with native adblocker and no possibility to parameter this allow all ads! Very annoying.

  3. I just upgraded to the last version, and this happened very recently when I tried to open my saved web pages. Everytime I tried to open any of them it just fails and a prompt that says "cannot download file: invalid link". I really dont get this. Is this an opera mini bug? I hope someone can solve this cuz Ive got hundreds of saved web pages that I really wanna open up but yeah, this happens…

  4. I thought it was great and I'm already using Opera Mini on my smartphone, as well as Opera on my Windows, but there is a way to share the files with the computer too, right?

  5. I saved many offline pages in opera mini in my previous old mobile…but now i'm using new mobile & now i want all those saved offline pages in my new mobile…but how i can do this??

  6. Kenapa opra mini ahir2 ini kalau buka youtub atau downlod ada tulisan ada yg tidak beres dan satu lagi semua yang akan di downlod linknya hilang mohon segera perbaiki

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