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    OnePlus Concept One : une caméra cachée… pour smartphone


    Hello everybody ! First of all well this is my first video of the year so after Omar and Manu it's my turn to wish you lots of happiness, super health and above all an excellent 2020! And this year 2020 started with a fanfare with one of the first announcements of the year at CES in Las Vegas this week This announcement was the OnePlus Concept One

    Hello everyone and Geoffroy de Frandroid and today you got it, we're going to talk about the first concept phone of OnePlus You're ready let's go So let's start by recalling the obvious but this OnePlus concept one is a concept it's in the name it's written in the middle So it's a bit like the constructors' concept cars cars and in particular Mclaren, one of the big partners of OnePlus that is to say that it is just a prototype a vision of the future a sort of technological showcase This kind of concept phone is something that was still quite rare, which didn't exist two years ago but it really got popular the year latest We had three telephones, three concepts in any case of telephones which were presented: we had the vivo apex 2019 we had the Meizu Zero which was a phone without any plug and without any buttons and we also had the Xiaomi mi alpha mix which was presented in September 2019 but which for now remains a concept phone in any case as long as it is not really marketed

    The idea for this type of smartphone a little bit concept well is to present a technology that is innovative to see if it appeals to public and possibly integrate it later on a product, which will be really commercialized so the question that still arises is what is this innovative technology on the OnePlus concept one, is that it is the absence of buttons or socket as on the vivo and on the meizu? Is it a screen that goes around the smartphone as on the Xiaomi well no it's none of that In fact as already mentioned Omar in his video on what was expected from CES before it started, the idea is to offer a smartphone with invisible photo sensors on the back Yeah yeah, invisible! The idea actually is that above the four devices photos that are present on the back of the smartphone we're going to have an electrochromic glass surface So what is this electrochromic glass surface – it's a name that is a bit complicated but it's very simple – it's a glass that can be transparent, classic like normal glass, which will also be able to be displayed in black completely opaque and it will allow you to have design that is much more fluid much more elegant much prettier in any case that having four dots directly on the back of the smartphone is really for a completely aesthetic reason and it goes rather quickly since according to OnePlus it only takes 07 seconds to go from one state transparent to an all black state

    But there is not only an aesthetic function to this type of technology and according to OnePlus it can also serve as an ND filter This is a function that is well known to photographers and videographers actually in photos and videos ND filters it's going to be little transparent filters a little dark which will be placed in front of the lens The idea is that it will allow keep a large opening even in broad daylight without having the risk, as we generally have it, to have an image that is going to be overexposed, that is going to be burned that is, it will be completely white due to the overflow of light I’m not hiding from you that I’m still quite skeptical about this technology directly on a smartphone for two reasons: the first is that a smartphone anyway has a sensor which is quite small and therefore anyway there is not enough light Usually in addition aperture for the lens which is completely fixed apart on a few models from Samsung but suddenly we can not modify it therefore there is no point in proposing a filter of this type there

    And then the other thing is that on a smartphone generally everything is managed directly by artificial intelligence or in any case by automatic mode and it there is no risk of having a completely burnt image on a smartphone We have fashions hdr we have modes that do absolutely everything for you so it is not for great thing After all, the possibility of taking photos with the filter which is activated on the back is only possible in pro mode so possibly it can be interesting if you ever want take long exposures in broad daylight without having an image that is completely burnt The fact remains that this technology could be used way by OnePlus ie if OnePlus does not count commercially launch the concept one, well the firm could very well use this type of glass on another product And there necessarily we imagine screens which could become completely transparent to let appear by example a camera for selfie and this idea it does not come out straight from my hat since we know that Oppo who belongs to the same group that OnePlus is already working on this type of technology

    Thanks to everyone for watching this video, don't hesitate to subscribe to the Frandroid's YouTube channel so you don't miss any of our videos including the one on CES we also made a paper on the OnePlus concept one you will find it in the description and as for me thank you for watching this video and I say to you very soon on Frandroid

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