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    Oneplus Concept One Smartphone Hands On – INVISIBLE CAMERAS???


    What's up guys back with another oneplus concept one video this smartphone has done really good We have seen its hands on videos and one plus on 7th, January Revealed their 1 plus concept one smartphone, officially Well along with that one buzz has also revealed an optimized charging feature for one part phones Not sure that would be just for concept one or all other flagships from oneplus We will talk it about later in this video Let's have a look at this 1 plus concept one smartphone We had the hands-on videos from the best of best tech youtubers Marcus Bromley and the Android Authority, so let's talk about its design this concept one comes with Aluminum body with called finishing at the sides of the phone and this is actually the modified version of one 470 pro Yes, this phone is made in collaboration with McLaren You know while McLaren is actually sports car brand makes really powerful cars So this Mart phone has burning off McLaren at the back side Along with that

    It also has its own branding the oneplus Well, it also has a papaya orange coloured leather design and this looks classic I mean, it's simple that's why it looks really cool The most anticipated thing of the smartphone is the disappearing cameras at backside Yes, one process done something different when making the rear cameras disappeared We have seen this technology in front cameras of Smartphones before this like one from Oppo not named yet, but that's also amazing device But that makes sense to hide front cameras for better viewing experience or having a larger display But hiding the rear cameras doesn't make much sense Oneplus has used a thinnest glass for this stuff And this is the electrochromic gloss Well, this glass has been Used by some of the McLaren cars in roofs of the cars one I know is the McLaren 720s where it can become black and fill up the roof and can also become transparent again, according to your own choice same is the mechanism for oneplus concept one smartphone when the camera is in use I mean when you open rear cameras It becomes strong parent van camera is in no use a current is supplied to this electrochromic glass Used on rear cameras that electrolysis the glass and this class becomes a BEC giving you black look But this doesn't work 100% Completely because it hides the cameras to almost 90 to 92 percent Because when the rear side of the phone is subjected to some light sources then cameras are a little bit apparent so this glass doesn't hide cameras fully and Another cool feature of this class is that this glass can double to behave as a ND filter? Yes, nd filters actually lowered the light when it is too bright out there for camera sensors So it lowers the light and you can see this option in the pro mode of this phone at the top right corner So this is something that I also liked the most Hopefully one plus will be working in future to make it even hundred percent better apart from that as I have talked about In the start of video about the new charging feature

    Let's have a look at this So one does has taken steps to improve battery health we all know that charging our phone for whole light and Let it plugged in overnight could have bad impacts on our phone's battery health So oneplus has done something to overcome this issue It works in such a way that when your phone completes to 80% then it will stop instead of going to a hundred percent and the rest of 20% will be pumped in 100 minutes before the user wake up time-based alarm that user has set and this feature has been rolled out in the last months beta oxygen OS Update for 1 + 7 + 1 7 Pro That's the cool feature Also, I like it Well that were some highlights of CES 2010 to event of oneplus I hope you liked make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter The links are down in the description Stay tuned by subscribing and I'll catch you guys in the next one

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