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OnePlus 8 Pro | Unboxing & Full Tour | Best phone of 2020?


Unboxing and hands-on OnePlus 8 Pro review, with a full tour of the specs, hardware and OxygenOS 10.5 software. From the quad lens camera tech to the gorgeous 120Hz display and impressive specification, here’s all you need to know about the OnePlus 8 Pro.

You can grab the OP8 Pro right now from the official website:

This premium smartphone boasts a number of upgrades compared with the standard OP8. For one, the camera optics have been overhauled. You now have a 48MP primary lens with IMX689 sensor, plus a telephoto lens and a 48MP ultra-wide shooter. The OnePlus 8 Pro can capture photochromatic pics, and HDR video too.

Speed isn’t an issue, with the Snapdragon 865 platform bolstered by 8-12GB of DDR5 RAM. There’s a mighty 4510mAh battery too, with wireless charging support. As for that mighty AMOLED screen, you get a QHD+ resolution with simultaneous 120Hz refresh support.

If you liked this unboxing, check out my hands-on tour of the standard OP8 as well. My full OnePlus 8 Pro camera review, tips and tricks guide and comparisons will be hitting the channel over the next week or so, stay tuned!


  1. I cannot recommend this phone. First it costs too much. $1,000? REALLY? Nope.
    Worse, they might still have issues with the camera dying. My 5T camera crapped out in less than 14 MONTHS. That’s ridiculous. And there are a LOT of forums online showing that OP has plenty of problems with their phone cameras. Looks like I’m going to Samsung or Google to get a phone this time…

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