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OnePlus 7 Pro Review: Most powerful smartphone OnePlus has made till date


If you're a fan of OnePlus brand and budget is not an issue for you, then in one line I'll give you the OnePlus 7 Pro review This is the greatest, fastest, best OnePlus device ever made so far

So, of course, go ahead and buy it! OnePlus 7 pro pushes the limit of what you can get on an Android smartphone In terms of sheer brute performance in a silky, smooth UI That's right! Fast performance, smooth and super-refined design It has a 66-inch, almost colour accurate display which has a 90 Hz refresh rate

Which is absolutely remarkable! It's the first Android flagship phone to sport the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC in the Indian market It comes packed with 12 GB of RAM which is a lot of RAM and might never even be fully used 256 GB of UFC 30 storage and you also have the Warp charger which is a 30 W charger and it provides full-day battery life within 30 minutes of charging The 4,000 mAh battery pack will keep your phone charged for two days So, all-in-all, with three cameras on the rear, of which there is a 48 MP

A pop-up front selfie camera This phone packs in everything and then some Hi I'm Gadgetwala and this is the OnePlus 7 Pro Tech2 review video But in theory, OnePlus 7 Pro has all ingredients which makes it an unbeatable, top of the line flagship smartphone Especially when it comes to performance It is the first handset with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC in India and the performance is blistering Because of 12 GB of RAM, you might never face a slowdown Of course, 12 GB is way more than you're ever going to need

256 GB of UFC 30 storage, 4,000 mAh battery, 30 W Warp charger which provides full-day battery life within 30 minutes of charging Battery life that will will keep you company for two days and OxygenOS based on Android 90 Pie is one of the sleekest interface we've seen on any Android smartphone Not just this when it comes to camera There are three on the rear including a 48 MP sensor and a pop-up front 16 MP selfie camera

So like I said, on paper, this 66-inch mammoth display phone that runs of 90 Hz refresh rate is almost perfect, on paper But when it comes to real world usage that's when the picture starts getting much clearer Has OnePlus bitten off a lot more than it can deliver? Let's start with the pop-up selfie camera I'm not a fan of that execution or that design on any phone For me, this mechanically pop-up selfie camera on any phone just because the whole screen becomes bezel-less or notch-less design I'm not in favour of that But hey! There are various types of customers out there and if you want such pop-up selfie cameras, if you like such party tricks Then you'll get happy with its implementation The results are okay The performance of selfie camera is okayish It's unreliable

But the video that you get to shoot from this is amazing! The audio is good, stabalisation is good Also, if you want to vlog by using its selfie camera then that will be a very good idea In all the smartphones, the most prominent feature is the camera that's why let's start with it On the rear, OnePlus 7 Pro comes with a triple camera setup and in this, the primary sensor is a 48 MP camera which uses the pixel super-binning formula of which the actual 12 MP results that you get turn out to be better in colour, saturation and sharpness Now on paper again, this sounds fantastic! But in this pixel over-sampling, over-binning process, a lot of people do not get it right So the result is that the various photos that you get mostly turn out to be over-exposed

The focusing takes time Even after you press the shutter button, and hear the sound of the click which makes you feel that you've clicked the picture and then you move the phone, and what eventually happens is the photo comes out blurred because it hasn't been able to focus properly in the requisite amount of time Just like the previous OnePlus phones it also comes with optical zoom which has an 8MP 3x optical zoom lens And for ultra wide pictures that's the third lens, there's a 16 MP with 117-degree field of view lens The 48 MP primary sensor comes with Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) and Electronic Image Stabilisation You'll get both of them

In the case of videos, in 4K and 1080 resolution, the picture quality is quite nice, but the stabilisation leaves much to be desired Also, the microphones which have been given capture a lot of background noises When you're recording a video you require a directional mic, so that the person or the subject sitting in front of your lens their audio gets recorded But in this, all the background noise also gets recorded and that acts as a distraction So if you're looking for a very directional sound, then the video camera of OnePlus 7 Pro doesn't do that which can be distracting If we talk about the photo quality like I said it's unreliable In some situations it clicks pictures similar to Pixel 3, iPhone XR or Samsung Galaxy S10 and sometimes they even end up looking better because the 6

6-inch OLED display is absolutely mind blowing but in most situations over-sharpening, over-saturation, over-exposing is the biggest disadvantage of this phone Can this be made better through software updates? Yes, definitely But the review unit that we've been given, through which we have clicked a number of pictures You can check out the photos clicked by Anirudh Regidi in the Flickr album of OnePlus 7 Pro review on Tech2com Also, you can see them on the screen right now Same photograph if you click with a Pixel of Anirudh's pet dog or pet cat it looks remarkably different and remarkably better

It will be better if we just don't talk about low light photos because it can't even get nearly close to, or can be compared to Pixel's Low Light or night photography performance because that's one place where OnePlus 7 Pro's camera performs very poorly So yes, the engineers of OnePlus 7 Pro we have a special request that you need to work a lot on the camera update and is very urgent Let that be the number one thing that you've to work on But apart from that, all the other things you're going to use your smartphone for "Can PUBG be played on it?" Of course! With Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 with oodles of RAM and that mad crazy fast UFC 3

0 storage means your PUBG experience is top-notch! Literally up there with the Pixel 3, Galaxy S10, iPhone XR which are its competitors As for multi-tasking, animations, literally, everything that you do whether that might be loading emails, WhatsApp chats, Instagram, Facebook or Tik Tok, all the apps in comparison to Pixel or Galaxy S10 load faster and this speed can be felt when you launch any app But the remarkable thing is, this speed is not at the cost of battery life Because of the mammoth 4,000 mAh battery and the power management of Snapdragon 855 and the Warp charger, you get two days of battery life which is absolutely phenomenal But that does come at a cost

The 66-inch form factor of the phone is something I might never be able to comfortably use It's a very very big phone And for me, 55-inches is the right sweet spot

On the security front, there's an in-display fingerprint which might take some time getting used to as you may have to exactly estimate where to place your finger on the display And of course, there's face unlock and all those other features and just so you know it's not like Apple iPhones face id with all the gadgetry and the tech involved But it's there You definitely have an option Now the point is this This price segment of Rs 55,000 removes OnePlus out of its comfort zone Literally, until two years back, you could have bought a Oneplus smartphone for Rs 25-35K which will still be the case with OnePlus 7 but that is still more expensive than what the phones have typically been priced at

Now OnePlus is saying that everything is getting expensive in the world Manufacturing a phone is getting more expensive They feel that the brand's premium-ness, will make customers willingly spend this much money But, my question is very simple, if you're going to spend Rs 55,000 then just by spending Rs 4,000 more in Rs 59,000 wouldn't you want to buy the Apple iPhone XR? Or exactly for the same price, or for cheaper, you can have the Pixel 3 or Pixel 3a which has the same Pixel 3 camera and comes for Rs 40,000 wouldn't you want to buy that? Or if you're interested in photography or want a headphone jack, and an IP68 weather and water resistance rating wouldn't you want to buy the Samsung Galaxy S10? So by entering in the price range of Rs 55,000 OnePlus has put itself in a very very precarious position This is an extremely challenging price segment for OnePlus and this is clearly out of their comfort zone Now the big decision is of course in your hands and in the hands of all the customers

Do they want to buy OnePlus in this price segment? Or the OnePlus is too expensive for this price? So there you have it This is the Tech2 video review of the brand new OnePlus 7 Pro The most ambitious and most expensive smartphone so far Will you buy it? Or will you stay away? Let us know in the comments section I'd love to know what you guys think And of course before spending around Rs 50,000 if you want to read a detailed review of the smartphone, then go to Tech2

com where Anirudh has put up a lot of photos and videos They're all up there in our review And you can also see how it compares to its competition in the text review on Tech2com Thank you so much for watching this If you like this video please do like, share it with your friends and don't forget to subscribe to Tech2's YouTube channel This is Gadgetwala signing out

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