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One Single Thought Critical Thinking Tech Support in UNREGULATED SHADOW BANKING! July 12, 2019


okay so this is my one single thought critical thinking shadow banking where private industry foreign government foreign companies destroy your country monetarily take over risks and so I'm describing shadow banking here so we've got the US government here taxes tariffs millage rates based on income and we've got private industry hides owners Wall Street stock market the shadow banking unregulated government regulated there's a safety net and then employees investing in pensions that lose value double services double taxation so over here with the there's an expectation of growth and the Investment Banking you've got shell shell business that hides owners fundraising donations real estate fees fees fees a ton of fees and so I like to make the comparison between fees and taxes government as taxes fees is investment banking but the people who are doing it they'll say oh no fees are not the same thing as taxes so they're doing the word semantics that's the doublespeak the doublespeak right here entertainment is involved subscriptions home associations which is real estate investing where did I real estate investing real estate investing right there apps now it's the apps pot in politics with the fundraising and stuff like that and so so well it and it may or may not be people directly involved with politics or maybe they have in the past but I put where private industry foreign government companies destroy your country monetarily you know it investors dump millions into a company boost up the popularity to artificially inflate above the investment value the so out leaving the new investors with less corporate manufactured poverty so they're purposefully I hear like a baby squeaky toy the background so they're purposefully manufacturing creating poverty so what they're saying they're implying is that if they have to do this and this is going to happen and that's what you always hear from the Fed chair so it's kind of like he is part part of the rigging over here related to orchestrating you know people losing jobs and things like that which is really sad and unfortunate and so I put in many cases the US government is supplying the money through grants free money you know money that's been earmarked to operate the country and taxpayers then lose and so the ones who do this talk really bad about the government and they use a bunch of doublespeak and so then I like to say it's the snake oil salesman you know the one putting the pitch out there saying this is really really good and then the people who who invest in it think it's good and then here it turns out to be something that's not so good for it it doesn't help everyone so so the thing is is is like let's say these are two houses so this house is performing really really well and this house which is I should have put that on there at the 999% of the American public this house is performing really well this one isn't so this is only helping a few people like maybe ninety two thousand people and this one is supposed to help millions over three million three and at three hundred and twenty million to three hundred and fifty million just depending on whose statistics you believe and so then that's where the company is ripe for takeover risks which is the country itself and and so if if someone wants to actually understand what is happening that's how a country can be taken over monetarily you destroy its monetary system and then come in through a back way and then you can come in through a foreign government which is what the Mueller report described with bringing money in from a foreign country and the shell business owner is hidden owners the private industry hides the owners because they claim they don't want to be transparent I call this double taxation of services because we're paying here and we're paying here but they're gonna play the word semantics game and say well no that's not the case because taxes is government and this over here is not taxes it's fees its subscriptions its apps they just changed the name consistently and fast and frequently fast and furiously they changed the name so any but any to its money so it should be just changed to money so if you have to pay it should be double monetary double money taxation then you can lump all this in I would actually change it to include the word money then somebody will probably try to change the name of the word money to something else though cuz that's how it's working they just go into government change the name and then screw over everybody over here the 99

9% and then that's what's called kicking the can down the road and so that's what we're in right now from when I was in high school 40 years ago when we weren't taught or involved in the conversation of how government works then that's how we end up with what we have right now all the while right now I'm learning apparently I can still learn even though they said old people can't learn I'm an older person you know every day you live to another day you're old so you're doing good so you spend your whole life learning you do you spend your whole life learning and so this is my this is what I've been learning in and it's like I don't feel like this is something I can invest in because it's not investing in everyone this is discrimination it's anti diversity it only focuses on just a few people this focuses on everyone so the government is not supposed to discriminate however people the American public is the government and so when you get so the thing is is the American public this is the critical thinking part I want you to think about the American people are a body of government but we've been taught through the school system to kind of you know it's just like discrimination is taught you know you think you know in some cases you might think you're better than someone else and so we've been thought taught to separate ourselves from government that what we do doesn't matter and that's entirely not true the American public is a body of government and so that's the critical thinking part one single thought the American public is a body of government you individually are government and that's what I would like to stress is each individual person is government because we live in the United States and but when we're taught that what we do doesn't matter over here that's how we end up with this because of this is is running everything or more powerful than our own government in some cases and and that's how it can become ripe for a takeover monetarily and so and then people are taking advantage of that's how we get unfair wages unequal wages that's how we get women living in in poverty who are not don't have equal wages whose job in the home doesn't even count as a job so women are excluded completely and the thing is is that there's a sentiment of the type of work that a person does I mean he is so right now we have corporate discrimination some senses from some people who will you say well if you do this work it's harder than other work so this work should be paid more than this other work and so they think that they can't be retrained to do something else and so then they're just completely discounting the work that a woman does in the home as a work having children 24/7 running a house 24/7 and then completely excluding women and that's where we're at right now so this this is powerful to me right now today this is powerful for me even because I said I wasn't I had no idea what the Occupy Wall Street was this is it this this explains it and to actually be living in it okay it makes complete sense when you live in a home association which is shadow banking its shadow banking unregulated it's double services so I'm paying for for First Responder services over here which is police fire government services over here and then I pay home association fees over here so there is a tax I pay for for policy and code enforcement over here and over here I pay for home association which is just administrative it's an additional fee it's double taxation but those who are benefiting from it they're like oh no oh no there that's separate the government is a tax this is a fee so you're paying for this service over here and so they're using wordplay word semantics so this is another example of wordplay in word semantics describing where private industry has been boosting itself up and private industry is functioning as a government while they exclude the majority of the American public out of the conversation and that's why you could have the private boards over here so this is discriminating the government this this whole body Wall Street private industry hides the owners investment banking they just count on growth and that just counts on people having babies churning out babies the women who over here don't get paid they get paid nothing and so but they count on that growth because in order for money to grow and for more things to keep going up you got to keep having babies having babies having babies who become a slave in here because this is segmented and separated itself out from here even though there's a small safety net to help people this has no safety net and they just you know when the bottom falls out they said well fuck you you shouldn't you should have looked into you should have looked into the history and that's basically what the city government here told me when I had said something about the houses here they're like well did you look into the history before you move down here this was this was several years ago one of the politicians have said that to me and they're like well did you look into the history and I'm like well the history is hidden so how would you how would you find a history when you hide the history you know so they're not making it transparent when they build these houses here they're not making it transparent that they're below sea level and so that's the real estate part and and they make a lot of money and I actually infidelity before we moved up here I tried to buy into a real estate a REIT and it said there that I couldn't and I thought that was odd it's like with the rest of stocks they have are the rest of the funds and they they're letting people in and they're like there they were just like they had no room I thought isn't that strange because I just wanted to try a little tiny bit of money and it said that I couldn't and I'm like well that's weird I can buy into any other one so that some of them have a front-end fee and some of them have a back-end fee so the stocks themselves they'll have a front-end fee when you buy in the brokerage firms the hedge funds and then they'll have a back-end fee when you sell out and that's kind of like well I like to use the cruise ships as the same example too because the cruise ships they have the port fees that are hit that are wrapped up into the price then they don't tell you about the port fees then you have the tip fees that they add on oh well you should just be willing to happily pay that and you know so they're adding all these things in in the contract once you once you electronically approve of the contract then they want to keep your money even if you don't go on the cruise and it's like what kind of customer service is the Hat you know so you pay for something that you don't even get to use and that's kind of that's kind of like insurance to know nobody really wants to be sick but at the same time it should be there but like in Georgia this year it would be twenty-one thousand six hundred dollars in the cycle I mean so insurance is part of this as well you know wrap that all up in there too and it's has an expectation of growth going up and you know putting more and more and more people on there you know and and so yeah so my my experience as a military spouse actually taught me like a thousand times more because of this happening now I can reflect back on and see the scam of this you know so so it did teach me something because the doctors were the military doctors were always saying well well do this this and this and and you know you'll feel better and that typically that was true and they're sometimes they'd be like well why are you here now why did you bring your kids with you well you know or they just ask questions and you know so so it's yeah it's just one of those things that you know so the military care was free I never had a bad experience that I can think of why can't we just had different doctors it wasn't a big deal I got used to having different doctors it was kind of fun that it was free the even when I lived in Germany the dental care was free they didn't do reconstructive surgery or any reconstructive care but they did do they did do they pulled the teeth for free when they were bad I don't think they did root canals but you know there there is some things that could be useful in helping people true but at the same time now that I have done some of the dental stuff it seems to be sort of a scam as well because especially if there's mercury that's causing reactions and and if I have potentially have mercury in my mouth from a bad product that the dentists use and that's what I am kind of suspicious of some bad product that my body is reacting to that's what I have to wonder if that that's why I have have had some of these issues possibly – I don't know I mean because then they but then they blame you this blames you wow you should have looked up the history and you shouldn't have bought into it so that's what the corporate narcissist this is the corporate narcissist and that's what they do they'll say they'll blame the consumer that's what they do they blame the consumer and so just remember that the gas light and the flame they yell and scream and have a man baby tantrum and they blame the Zoomer they have zero compassion no compassion whatsoever they just want to get their money and run its hit it and quit it that's what they are they're hit it and quit it fool them fuck them and forget him that's what this is anyway that's it

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