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One Single Random Thought Tech Support July 11, 2019


oh this was pretty cool I'm using my Google pixel 3/8 and it's got it's called a flash on but it's actually a feature on on the camera itself and so it's highlighting and brightening so I don't have a flash actually in my eye I do have the overhead light here I can't shut it off while I'm using it but anyway I had a question here for you guys about do you remember back in the day when the TV stations they would do this thing of they'd say they were go that they had they couldn't mention the other channel due to competition you guys remember that back in the day they'd say they could not they would say that one of the celebrities was going off to do an interview but they couldn't mention the other channels name because of competition and and so and I thought it was so funny because of the fact that it's like what happened to competition damn now they're all playing the same stories so when you go to these channels they all play the same stories and and so it's like well what where's competition down so back then there was competition that's what they told us that there was competition oh look at my eyebrow it's almost like I got a big muscle there and so competition is completely gone and I was thinking the same thing sometimes with the brand endorsements because I'll be curious to the other people unless there's just there just a multitude of a few people having the same brand endorsements because we see that down and remember the dream team oh gosh 2025 years ago all those basketball players and some of them they covered up with duct tape they're the a logo of the sponsor because it conflicted with the other sponsor that's what they said I don't know maybe it could have just been a marketing publicity stunt to bring attention to the brand to to both brands possibly I don't know it could have been you never know and so what one sponsor it which is the the would sponsor neo was sponsoring everybody on the Olympics team and I think we might have Olympics coming up this summer I don't know and so that's the same thing with the Olympics being able to play on one station you know because they have their contract they only let one station play it they want to force everybody to have to buy a service or to go to the to go to the game that that's their idea of marketing is they want to force you to either go to the stand because like back in the day if you live too close they would do a blackout so you couldn't even see the game anyway so they want to force you did I hear a squeak I thought I heard a squeak but they want to force you to go to pay to watch it on cable TV and oh now adays it's an app or some sort that an overinflated priced app I'm surprised you just haven't made an Olympic app and then they can make money from it once every four years or something you know because it's like we're told with our media jobs on YouTube do be dia that it that that this is not a real job so I'm thinking sports it's not a real job either you know so unless there's something more going on they're not telling people and look at the amount of people who are playing sports all the time I've been so something's going on that there's these people that are traveling all the time they're going to conferences and it seems to be related to politics and networks media company networks that's not everybody can be a part of I mean you can't be a part of then you got excited non-disclosure agreement if you say something wrong you did you get fired and so independent people can't do the same thing on an independent level because they're controlling the money is basically what it is so that's the media company badali but that but bad that was my question like what happened to the competition amongst this network this media company network monopoly there used to be competition and it all seems to be the same people but it seemed you know the same companies but it seems to be though say that they buy wood or or they buy up the competition er that's what they're saying but I'm beginning to really think that there was never any competition that they were all in cahoots Oh like Trump used us they were all colluding together for the beginning who's off big collusion from the beginning and someone told me a couple years ago they said well you can you can pay people to do anything and you know and and they were referencing I'm just gonna use the word the precedent they said you can bathe him to do anything you know it's so but it but he said it in a strange sort of a way he said he makes things transparent and and the truth is i I've kind of seen that in some senses that he does and so would we look I was looking back at a video of a President Clinton and President Obama both saying the identical same words that Trump says but why is it that right now that people are really really bad at Donald Trump and he's using the identical saved words that both of those presidents have used it's just he words it a little differently and says it a little differently and if you think about it even President Clinton had some shitty Antiguans going on not so much different than Donald Trump and people were mad at him and and it's like well they're getting bad things that happened in society say with Donald Trump now President Obama gotta pass yeah you know nobody you know everybody was well sort of shaved guilt and coerce did not questioning President Obama's veto blackness and people who would president trope well he was Donald Trump at the time forty number 45 questioned his birth certificate oh my gosh people got violently mad and so so there's a sort of shady going on right now towards the white community for lack of a better word I don't like to use that word because of the fact that I just think we're all of the same DNA anyway and we all look different and we all look the same in many capacities you know because you know like the military uses examples we do you have people standing in shadow you you cannot tell what gender they are you cannot tell what race they are and and so but at the same time like with when a culture has been bullied to actually question the words that they use and that becomes censorship that's nothing less than censorship it violates the First Amendment and so that's where we're at right now but but it's not only with that with that like coming from from the black community you know it's like you can't say this word and you can't say that word and and and the thing is I'm hoping the baby so that's a little bit of trolling to I don't know some of it is serious it just depends on who it comes from and and so yeah so I was just kind of hoping that it's not all it's seriousness but there is this about of portrayal of like the serious the straight man type of thing going on and so with all this counterintelligence it's just really confusing as to what is what it that I know it's to get people to feel comfortable speaking because we are in like our first a bit that has been you know due to past history has been eroded and in the school that's been eroded I've been even from when I was a kid I lived at that IB that's just no big secret right there and and so but the thing is what you taught start talking you practicing see right now kids are born into it they're bored with a Bulbul device they're you know most of them feel comfortable talking and and so that's what I found with myself once you get over that hurdle you know I mean oh my gosh it's a rough bumpy ride but once you get over it you know you feel comfortable talking and and so and and the thing is then you just have to feel comfortable you know there's gonna be people in your life who are going to obey did you produc you know even because the thing is because I was sitting there like at the beginning of YouTube like I said they're looking at other people talking yeah they're just going but the other thing we don't factor it either is the debt works because there's the media company that works with both most people don't think about because they're under a nondisclosure agreement so they'll join a mobile band of of people band organization group network whatever you want to call it they're all the same so it would be kind of like the military as well because they move frequently as well so these traveling gypsies go from place to place to place their playing roles but they they've been brought up and trained their whole life as an actor taking lessons and you know being in situations and and so the kids are in a place where they are not held back by someone so they're actually trained to be outgoing children or that's what I've seen you know because around here where I live I live in acting school apparently do it every day I was told that that reason recently but I figured that out they were always talking about the scat and so apparently scat is acting school and and so the kids but I've I've seen some of the training going on so the kids are actually raised to be very very outgoing at a young age I don't think that's a bad thing you know so for kids to you know have a confidence and be and be able to be taught different things but it does come across as narcissism which it is and so they're trained to be narcissists and so if I don't know it might have something to do with law school as well I don't know but they're brought up as the door sources and so but you know anyway but that that's it for right now and but that's related to corporate media it just does so anyway that's it I've been rambling here and oh my gosh this is so weird but at least I have a little bit of light I've got some light up top someone told me that to be successful on YouTube you have to have a little light on top whatever that means so I'm still trying you know I I I don't know what's gonna happen but I like doing the wide range of things I haven't felt compelled to do any crocheting videos lately I just can't I just can't do it for some reason it's like but I am feeling better from what I was a couple of years ago though too you know but there's still some things that are not you know not quite right and so anyway but anyway for now that's it and I will see you guys soon

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