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OndaWire tech tip -Password manager


Alright welcome back to "OndaWire"! Today we're going to do another "OndaWire Tech Tip in under two minutes"! Now before we get started, if this is your first time to the channel, if you like these tech tips or you like these reviews, hit that subscribe button! Also, I have my own website ondawirecom where I have all the discounts you can want, on all your favorite tech gadgets

Now jumping right in, today's tech tip is going to be on passwords Now the frequency of changing your password should really run between three and six months but if you're overly protective you definitely want to change it more than that For instance, I looked at a couple of my applications today and I haven't changed the password since 2015 that's how long it's been now I also want to show you here to the right that when you log into some of these applications this particular app has log in sessions from me dating back for almost two months now in our minds we think that when we log out of an application that log in has been erased, but it hasn't! Here's what you want to do with this, first things first in whatever application you're using you want to go to your session history like you can see here and scroll down to the bottom where it says "log out of all sessions", you definitely want to hit that! You also want to change your password if you're using a third party app to do post for you, to do any type of social media, or anything like that for you on your behalf and you're not using that application that company still has access to your account until you revoke that access or change their passwords so know that changing your password is critical to prevent people from hacking your accounts I can guarantee you there's probably people out there who say they change their passwords, but have passwords for certain applications that they haven't changed in years so again, "Change those passwords"! This has been another Ondawire tech tip in under two minutes I'm out!

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