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Oma Ingrids Rache Kurzfilm Halloween Granny Horror Absurd Comedy (English subtitles) Smartphone Film


Ingrid's Revenge Hello, I am Ingrid! I am still exhausted! Something strange happened to me yesterday! I never knew what I was capable to do! But learning never stops! I wanna tell you now what happened to me yesterday! Well, my male nurse Martin learned a lesson yesterday he will never forget! All started out like a typical morning Martin woke me up Then he went in the kitchen to prepare my food

But I did not get food – I just heard some weird noise! And because of THIS beard he was always very proud! Martin was very respectless, but I did not dare to tell him because I was very afraid of him Later on that day I wanted to go for a walk! I was looking forward to enjoying the fine weather! But I felt very weak yesterday and needed an escort Martin helped me to walk When he turned into that way I already knew to which terrible place we we were going! To that terrible edge! Martins wants me to sit there so he can just run away and no one will know about it! But then he always takes my rollator with him and makes me stuck to that place! But today I wanted to fight! I did not wanted to sit there! I wanted to fight for my rollator! No! I did not have any chance! He pushed me and did not care about me and walked away! I felt very dizzy, but thank god I had a very old energy drink in my jacket! I was glad to use it But I felt more dizzy after drinking

It was very hot and I thought I could really need a tissue! And I wanted a cold drink! I did not know what happened to me, but it felt very amazing! I wanted to check out more Even though it aroused attention! Now I had the courage to complain about Martin! But when I thought about Martin a knife flew in my hand! That must be a sign! The day of revenge has arrived! And then I thought about the weird horror films Martins sometimes watched and I got an idea! Martins went to the basement to get more beer! And I followed him! The basement looked different that day! Martin felt more and more uncomfortable! He wanted to leave! But he lost his way! Martin tried to find the entrance

But is this the correct way out? Did he really thought he could get away so easily? Martin could not move! I wanted revenche!! But first I wanted to cut off his disgusting beard! But it didnt work! First I got angry! But than I got an idea!! Hahaha! Suddenly I heard a weird noise behind me! Suddenly I felt dizzy – and I fainted! When I woke up I saw Martin laying on the ground He fainted because of a shaving? The monster was killed! I cleaned the mess Then I teleported us upstairs Then I was in my appartment and rested! My crazyness in the basement was very exhausting and I'm ashamed that I freaked out so much! And Martin? He really changed! He has now much respect for me! I really hope it will stay this way! But I think it will!

Source: Youtube

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