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Old Ways, New – using Indigenous traditional knowledges in tech


I'm a Trawlwoolway woman from Tasmania My family are from the north of the state

And I live here in Sydney, and I have done for many years, on Gadigal country Old Ways, New is a team of Indigenous consultants and technologists and we work with service design and digital product development What we find is that all of these new approaches in service design and digital product development, like Agile and Lean methodologies and Design Thinking and Human Centered Design principles are innately Indigenous, because we iteratively design in our technologies We have always done that When talking about systems thinking, it's an innately Indigenous way of understanding the world We don't see the segregation of knowledges

We understand the world is is interconnected and complex So we we approach the work in a way that's, I guess, quite holistic in a sense Old Ways, New works with Indigenous traditional knowledges to inform new technology Through all of our stories there is embedded coded information essentially So, within all of those stories is really complex and quite didactic information about you know, where you go to get to the next waterhole

And if you sing that song properly then the integrity of that information is going to continue to live on as it has done for thousands of years Sing it wrong, well, get the story wrong you miss out on getting to that waterhole and you die The importance of telling the story right and understanding the layers of information within that story is critically important for an oral culture Likewise, we take the principles of knowledge and its complexity and interrelationship of all things and apply that in the work we do as service designers and digital product developers you

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