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#OdooStories – Virginia Tech Sets the Pace for Autonomous Cars


Self-driving cars are a real phenomenon They're not just a technological innovation they're a societal innovation

Just think about all of the time we spend wasted in your car in traffic If you live in LA you spend two hours of your day each way just commuting to work There's so much human potential that could be unlocked by using autonomous vehicles and it's really exciting to be a part of that push forward

The AutoDrive competition is a 3-year long international competition between 8 universities, including Virginia Tech, sponsored by GM and SAE International The objective of this competition is to develop a level-4 autonomous vehicle within the next 3 years My favorite part of the project has been working with a diverse group of other people I am a mechanical engineer and it's been fantastic to work with people from Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and make a truly interdisciplinary team and work on something very outside my own comfort zone I really love Virginia Tech because it's filled with the smartest people on the planet but you wouldn't know it

By that I mean everyone here is extremely unpretentious I deal with making sure the point actually goes where the car actually goes from point A to point B As the leader in this group and trying to educate students, I want the student team to have access to the latest management tools and the software necessary for them to succeed So they went out and selected Odoo as part of their toolbox, if you will, to work as a team Odoo has been extremely helpful in actually keeping track of everything we get

I mentioned earlier that we have hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep track of for this competition Figuring out where that goes is tremendously difficult Before we had Odoo it was basically one person keeping track of all the receipts and she was ready to tear her hair out It's really exciting to have something that streamlines that process and makes it easier for everyone to keep track of where things go and where they are now We use Odoo to keep track of the wide variety of things that we have and part of building an autonomous vehicle we have wires, we have hardware, we have sensors we have to know where all of it is whether it came in, when it was signed for, when we put it in the garage and Odoo helped us keep track of all of it

I suppose what I love most about Odoo is the fact that it has various apps which can be used for different applications within the project; whether it's keeping track of our finances, keeping track of the different items that we've bought, or just keeping track of the pizza the we occasionally buy, I think Odoo's really nifty in that sense

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