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    Nubia X dual Screen Smartphone Ofiicial Video and Specifications


    Hey what's up guys? My name is azim and I'm back here with another new video and today's video is going to be more exciting because Today I'm going to talk about a Nubia x Mart phone that is dual screen smartphone yes guys it has screen at the front side as well as at the back side and add the front side it has almost very very close 100% screen to body ratio and at the front side it has display size of 6 126 inches that is full HD Plus display and it has 20 to 80 by 1080 pixels while on the rear side it has 511 inches of HD Plus display and has 1520 by 720 pixels this screen is all at touch screen and On the front screen there is also an in display fingerprint sensor light sensors coming in 2018 flat shapes recently the Nubia X is powered by 28 gigahertz Snapdragon 845 4 guys this is amazing this smartphone, also has Snapdragon 845 and it will come with air gigabytes of Ram up to 256 gigabytes of internal storage the phone comes preloaded with no B Ike user interface 6

    0 on the top of Android 81 or your out of the box there is a thing you need to know is that no VIX doesn't has the front facing cameras yes it just have dual camera setup at the back and That dual camera setup will be used as Selfies because you will have the dual screen here, we? Also have the leaked priced not completely sure and the price starts from for $72 for the base variant with Siksika bytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of storage and then it goes up to six hundred and sixteen dollars for the a gigabytes of RAM with 256 gigabytes of internal storage and now let's talk about the Instead so it will go on sailing in China from 5th of Thummim but his cars and that's all for today guys and I hope that you enjoyed the video if you enjoyed it please hit that like button don't forget to subscribe to our Channel and thanks for watching

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