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    Hello, how are you? today, lets talk about a special smartphone according to me its the most under-rated smartphone of the market it is great in specification i want to place it no 1 but very few talk about it this smartphone is NUBIA RED MAGIC 3 you may have heard about it or not why is this smartphone so much good, i will talk about it if you are new to my channel, please SUBSCRIBE it for for videos red magic 3 is a proper gaming smartphone as this is a gaming smartphone, the specification must be top-notch the specifications are – 6

    65 INCH FHD AMOLED DISPLAY 90 HZ REFRESH RATE This refresh rate is great for a smartphone if a smartphone has gotten 60 hz, that is said to be superb but this has 90 hz which is outstanding means it will have superb touch experience it has snapdragon 855 this phone comes in 2 storage varient 8gb ram and 128 gb storage / 12 gb ram 256 gb storage you can see how much ram and storage this smartphone has because its meant to be used as a gaming device, the battery will drain fast thats why it has 5000 mah battery with fast charge now you can say why is this a gaming smartphone? it just has good specs galxy note 9, iphone 10 they are great phone but not a gaming phone they arent called gaming phone but nubia red magic 3 is a gaming phone because it has some gaming gears like liquid cooling like pc it uses a liquid that is stored inside the phone to cool the device it has same liquid cooling tech like a pc this phone has intake fan and exhaust fan for faster cooling this phone really has an inbuilt fan because when you play games this fan will absorb air from inside and throw it outside it has some more features too the best camera smartphone in the world is iphone 10, galaxy s10 galaxy note 10 etc in this smartphone, if we record a video, the maximum output will be 4k 60 fps means maximum 4k output but nubia red magic 3 is the one and only phone in the world that can shoot at 8k quality now you can imagine, how much details will be in that footage again, other establised brands can shoot slow mo videos at only 960 fps but nubia is one and only that can shoot slowmo at 1920 fps now you see, its a superb phone but noone discusses about it much its price is not much too you can get 8/128 gb, sd 855 5000 mah battery, fast charge and lots camera and gaming features for $455 or rs 36000 flipkart and the higher varient is $588 or 47k rs the price to specification ratio for this phone is excellent i think the base model is best in its class noone can compete with it let me tell you another thing you may not have heard about it we measure each smartphone performance based upon ANTUTU score the more the score, the better the phone for last few monthes one phone holds the top position and it retained the spot for many monthes the phone is nubia red magic 3 you can see how good this smartphone is in terms of hardware and software optimisation for this reason its a superb gaming smartphone theres a news in the market that that sd 855+ already in the market thats why soon we will get an upgraded version of nubia red magic 3 with sd 855+ the model name will be NUBIA RED MAGIC 3S LETS SEE when the smartphone launches thats it for today

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