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Noticia – Así es 'Galaxy Fold', el primer smartphone de pantalla plegable


Folding screens have arrived in Spain with Samsung and its Galaxy fold this expected smartphone that has gone on sale for two thousand euros officially becomes the first folding mobile on the market and now we can know closely what are its characteristics the box in which it comes The product tries to offer customers a premium experience in it you can find the device a housing specially designed for this mobile a 15 volt charger and wireless headphones galaxy bots in hand the terminal is somewhat heavier than conventional mobiles but the user gets used quickly to 276 grams and its peculiar dimensions in addition the movement to fold the mobile becomes in a short time in something natural happening in a very simple way of an exterior screen of 4 with 6 inches to an infinity flex display of 73 samsung considers that Multitasking is one of the strengths of this terminal that allows divide the screen into three spaces and work on them in a way This way users can watch a YouTube video or read a book at at the same time they take notes or talk on whatsapp in regards to cameras the galaxy fall incorporates up to 6 lenses one of them of 10 megapixels to make self and without opening the mobile a triple rear camera with ultra wide angle and another double camera front that appears when the flexible screen is displayed after viewing them during years through the showcases of technology fairs around the world flexible mobile phones are already a reality samsung has taken the front but there are already other actors like huawei motorola that will bring news coming soon to this product segment

Source: Youtube

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