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Nokia 9 PUREVIEW testen? …mein Labervideo zum Smartphone


Dear friends of Nokia Pureview! Today, April 1st no joke is there a new Pureview from Nokia! Yeah! I thought about lending it to myself

I can buy it in Germany today too, but I want to lend it Is cheaper There is a company "Grover" at Media Markt, and for a price of 60 to 70 euros I could borrow it there I would have liked to do that, BUT The smartphone is NOT on loan UNFORTUNATELY

That's why I will NOT be able to test Nokia 9 A pity, but that's the decision But if you feel like it, you can still support me! So that I can borrow smartphones in the future Maybe you would like to support me with a donation via PATREON or PAYPAL Or you use my affiliate links in the description

It could also someone buy the phone in Berlin and with me take a photo walk in Berlin Or we do NOT test the Nokia 9 and wait for the successor? Then maybe the Nokia 92 is better and more mature? Ah, too bad Because I thought up some interesting tests for the Nokia 9 After all, I looked at it today in the technology market

So there is a little hands on now: Ok, it fits well in your hand and looks great with the 5 cameras But it annoyed me at the first mini test already some things If you switch between each mode That takes a long time Almost 1 to 2 seconds That must not be Then the panorama mode: This has crashed at least 4 to 5 times

That can not happen I had the idea to cover one of the 5 lenses with my thumb and wanted to see if there was a mistake But there was no mistake in the picture I wonder if all 5 optics are working at the same time Or are not they all used? Maybe the Schwarz Weiss sensors only work in monochrome mode? You see, there are some questions about the Nokia 9 In principle, I find the idea with 5 camera optics very exciting But I have some wishes! Why do you use 12 MP sensors? Why not add one or 2 lenses with 40 or 60 MP Sensors with monochrome function I would find that exciting

That way an even better picture could be generated Probably you would need more computing power Maybe that will happen in the next generations of Nokia

Now comes the Huawei P30 Pro in the trade I have looked at myself synonymous and find the 5 or 10x zoom pretty good The zoom even has a stabilizer The Huawei is now leading the camera charts of smartphones Maybe I'll lend the Huawei P30 Pro sometimes

But I need YOUR support for my CameraCheckChannel In the next few weeks I will activate my Patreon account Then you can support me Just look in the description, maybe you can already find a link PayPal would be great too, but I know unfortunately not yet how that works

Dear spectators, stay tuned There are not only smartphones in the channel, but I also have other things about camera here in the channel It's also about filmmaking, making money with creative Things like stock footage or Amazon Video Direct There is already a video More soon! Support me

Bye for now! Your Martin from the CameraCheckCahnnel

Source: Youtube

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