NEW UPDATE ARRIVED For Most Samsung Galaxy Smartphones – What’s New? (One UI 3.1, 3.0, 2.5, etc)

Get the update here: /

Latest Samsung Update Takes Customization of your smartphone to a whole new level by consolidating 4 key features into a centralized app known as Theme Park which is under the umbrella of Good Lock 2021.

Works on One UI 3.1 and 3.0 …

63 thoughts on “NEW UPDATE ARRIVED For Most Samsung Galaxy Smartphones – What’s New? (One UI 3.1, 3.0, 2.5, etc)

  1. I thought its a update from samsung .. but its a update of goodluck .. after 30 seconds i closed the video cause i didnt ude good luck .. please write on the title that is a good luck update ..

  2. Fk Samsung for not releasing this worldwide. Yes I know I can download it from a third party etc etc but why should I have to and expose my note 20 to potential problems

  3. I use the S20 Ultra in Nigeria. Why is Samsung saying Good Lock is not available in my region. This is totally unbelievable. It is not the right way to treat a customer that shelled out so much money for a premiuim phone.

  4. Bows down to Saki! Thank you for continuously being IMO and amazing YouTube creator. Your video's are amazing. Thanks for pushing these video's. I didn't even know I had an update till your video for latest UI. Thanks again buddy!

  5. Ok, one small problem…how do I restore the original theme after I have created a new one? It screwed up my clock weather widget and i can't get it back to the original.

  6. The only downside in the volume control theme is just cant including more areas to control more apps, for that you have to change to the normal volume control.
    Big like from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

  7. by the way, there is an update for the color of the keyboard toolbar icons plus 2 more new key styles added. go ahead try it 👍🏻

  8. hello Sakitech, good job. I love the info because I get to tweak my phone to get the best performance. unfortunately when I try to get the download the update from your website it's saying that it's not available in my part of the country, however I'm in the Caribbean and I get most every update that Samsung pushes. it also says no server in my country for good lock when I opens the application. is there anything you can do to help ?

  9. Hi, thanks for you videos I got a question I have a Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra and I have the last update I have this message ( getlocationconfigstep : operation fails ) any idea how to fixed? I rely will thank you for any help.

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