New Skoda Rapid Monte Carlo 2018 Short Review Interior Exterior + Tech Details

the Skoda Rapid is a clever solution for anyone who needs a spacious car offering value for money it's room Innes can be surprising everyone can fit in comfortably while their luggage easily slides into the boot which is one of the biggest in this class the rapid also features a wide range of equipment a high degree of safety economic yet powerful petrol engines a comfortable ride and needless to say practical simply clever solutions that will make your everyday activities much easier all-in-all the Skoda Rapid is a smart choice the generous space on offer in the rapid may come as something of a surprised with the occupants able to enjoy the utmost comfort it goes without saying that the cars luggage compartment the largest in this class is complemented by lots of practical simply clever features six airbags a robust design and great landing supported by a set of electronic stability systems and drive assist headed by the front assist emergency brake assist will ensure you enjoy the utmost safety bi-xenon headlights not only look great but more importantly they are distinguished by their high luminous flux and long service life the rapid can be optionally fitted with parking sensors at both the back in front and even with a rear view camera so parking precisely where you want will be child's play the Skoda Connect services enabled the rapper to receive up-to-date information on traffic parking spots and fuel prices they also offer you a perfect overview of your car via a mobile app newse code a rapid Monte Carlo also celebrating its world premiere at the IAA in Frankfurt the new Skoda Rapid Monte Carlo will be heading for dealerships in November with a fresh looked sporty interior and the latest extras this is the brand sixth model in their impressive Monte Carlo range black 16 or 17 inch alloy wheels the black finish at the radiator grille frame exterior mirror housings front and rear spoilers door sills and rear diffusers are emphasized the models powerful presence on the road a Monte Carlo badges are fixed to each of the bee pillows the rear side windows and back window a tinted sunset as are the rear lights electrically adjustable and heated wing merits xenon headlights and tinted fog lights Karma's standard the sporty look continues to the interior the three spoke sports steering wheel in leather matches the gearstick on handbrake complemented by individual sports seats and other design elements thank you for watching our videos please subscribe our channel for more videos updates and check out also our other videos you

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