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*As I work full time (not YouTube), I can’t have a lot of time for friendly
*I post insta stories (mainly) when I can have friendly matches

2020 Best Rating I reached : 1617
2020 Best Global Ranking I was placed : 170

100 thoughts on “NEW ICONIC NAKATA IS MY FAVORITE!! #63 [PES 2021 MOBILE]

  1. why would not he be your favourite? u rich brats just buy everything out. where is the fun and excitement if people just buy their luck out. konami as shitty as always…does not fixes the bugs in the game but is always up yo giving coin sales. i was your fan before…thought you are just like us…playing with players got by pure luck…but you just buy them out. unsubscribing !!!

  2. Ruma I don't know if you're even reading this comment or not , but I would like to thank you for being on youtube and uploading gameplays . My game has completely changed since I started following you ❤️ thanks again , keep shining ✨

  3. RUMA I have a question…..I am going to sign van basten from the redeem shop and as you have him pls tell me whether he is worth signing or not…pls reply .

  4. Everyone would get him if he came by gp but no one is that rich to spend coins on iconic gold balls fills with white balls. and always as usual Nakata is underrated 😍 if u have enough coins u should go get him i m not that rich to go for it

  5. Bro plzz atleast one time hear my request make a video on managers having similar tactics to cherevchenko+ squad building. For once hear my request plzzzzzzzz RUMA PLEASEEEEE

  6. I dont even have coins to spin for liverpool bro😭 konami has been scamming me for 3 months. Not even a single pink animation

  7. do u like torres ruma btw good content i also learnt manual switching from u and now my rating is 1300 and before i watched ur videos my rating was 700 all i want to say is that thank u ruma for bringing me this far .

  8. I used my e-points for other players and saving the current ones I have for other players. So once this Nakata came in agent, I saw his stats are very good, even kinda better than the AS Roma one once you put super sub skill on him. Thanks for all your videos, if it wasn't for you I most probably wouldn't have even tried Nakata haha.

  9. I spended 1500 coins on him
    Everyone around me joked for signing him
    But I know his potential as I used his Roma version as super sub and being able to use him for the full game is the back bone of my squad❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Bro we must do something to stop nullers i faced 5 nullers in row i decrease ratimgs in matchday coz if i win they null 1300 plus players also do it plz do something

  11. I have a question which skill should I give to the legend Lampard. Pls suggest some skills
    And the is Nakata is beast he is better than nedved and Matthaus I personally feel.

  12. The best match I've seen ruma play is this..That third goal ..the tiny through pass from nakata to forlan then the composure of the finish🔥..if it was me I would have taken a shot immediately I got the ball due to pressure

  13. RUMA can u please say which manager you're using for this 1 CF + 2 SS.
    I have Cherevchenko with the same formation, I want to know if I can use him for my main team!
    Plz help 🙏🏻

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