New Ford Explorer 2019 Interior Exterior + Tech Details

you in this what you would call a home-field advantage fantastic thanks to the Ford family and to be able to stand in front of you and talk about the all-new Ford Explorer can't be any better than that if there's a heart and soul of Ford Motor Company it's this vehicle don't you think so Jim you bet you totally agree feels like home you know it really is this in so many ways this explores the pace car for a whole new utility lineup it has a great heritage no doubt but more importantly this vehicle is a beacon for our future and our business it sure is for for a year we've been talking about our big bet on utilities and the new expedition that's just out fantastic start now we're going to be rolling out our highest volume utilities and it starts with this vehicle the Explorer that's a big advantage the best one what a great place to start yeah and we have great performance as you'll hear about incredible capability we we have an electrified model like we will on all of our utilities now and you know all of them are gonna live up with towing great off-road promise that this Explorer explains and with more range on a single tank of fuel than ever before and inside there are thousands of thoughtful touches a second row seat that a child can activate and move forward with one hand cupholders the double as juice juice box holders it's an SUV for families that is so smart in a way that we couldn't even imagine years ago think about using Alexa speaking to Alexa to unlock your car start the ignition you can even read the vehicle can even read speeds limiting signs and actually react to them save you a ticket now we never speed you and I know just in case just in case it has rolling Wi-Fi hotspot for 10 people think about that it really is a smart vehicle in a smart world and I love the way you say that because you know in a modern context the Explorer connects us backwards to what Henry Ford was doing with the Model T the ID the idea back then of opening highways to all mankind a promise then that we delivered on when the Model T in the moving assembly line put the world on wheels we introduced Explorer nearly 30 years ago I hate to tell you this is Cathy Hackett's first love was the Eddie Bauer edition back then what color it was what would you think it was blue was blue and it was such a beautiful car and now this is another watershed moment it inspired people to expand their lives and get off the beaten path as you heard in our vault in our album that we just toured helps to give people the freedom of movement there remains a North Star for Humanity now with the power of artificial intelligence and connected vehicles well we have mobility technology technologies that just well and it's not just incrementally improving the old system it's going to completely disrupt it you know our vision as you said is to build smart cars for a smart world so we're working with cities and others on a design of really a better transportation system and we're doing it by focusing on that human experience just like Henry Ford did when he first set out to build a car for the masses well today I'm really excited to see how human centered thinking is becoming ingrained in the Ford culture we'll always begin with that Center of following what the human wants just like the team that I'm so proud of that's sitting up there that developed this this new Explorer today's SUV buyers you know they still want a vehicle that can take them on family adventures and bring them closer together but but we know as they get in the vehicle they also want technology that enables them and their active lives without distracting them or getting in the way when they get behind the wheel they expect the vehicle to be as intelligent and is and intuitive of course as their smartphone Explorer cannot only read speed limits Jim but they can also talk to the cloud it senses the traffic around you and with a smarter cruise control system that comes in handy and stop and go traffic I tried this in LA it was amazing how much stress just fell off your shoulders and with the modem connection we can continue to make Explorer smarter and smarter it's just gonna get better again I'm so incredibly proud Jim of the team that works for you on this explorer project I am – Jim the Explorer team is unique and that they've been together for a decade think about that they've lived and breathed this vehicle they've gained a deep understanding for the customers respect for them they've obsessed about all the small details from the customers perspective they went way beyond what we normally do as an industry with focus groups or traditional research that's really changing in them absolutely yeah and what an opportunity it really shows their commitment they went online they connected with SUV buyers on social media they talked to people gas stations in parking lots on the sidelines of the kids games we asked them to let us into their homes the customers so we could see how they actually lived and most of all how they actually use the vehicle early in the development this is such a cool story we actually during bring your child to work day at Ford we introduced an early prototype for some of these families behind closed doors we threw some Cheerios on the floor just to make it look back you meup a few but we learned a lot and you know this is ford at its best you see it with that 150 with Mustang and it's true of Explorer we're obsessed about giving our customers what they want but even cooler what they don't even know they need what they want most in a in a SUV like this is the vehicle that really represents their spirit and their attitude you saw it in those films they want styling that is it's the most important purchase reason for an SUV Wow and they have to fall in love with the vehicle the next big reason of to buy for customers for the SUV is capability as Jim said even for people who never go off-road you know now changing Explorer to rear-wheel drive was a really big deal it allows our designers to deliver those beautiful proportions give that athletic stance for Explorer and helped our engineers to do so much warm the best towing capacity we've ever had off-road ability that you'll hear about on top of all that it gave the customer more room more cargo room and it makes Explorer even more versatile and comfortable so exciting you know your knowledge of the car business just gets me so charged about this this product and when we when we pair what we've always known about vehicles with human centered design it means that every detail matters nothing is really taken for granted let me give you a small example that illustrates this again and I have three granddaughters and I know what it's like when they get in the back of a vehicle and they're fighting over tablets you know who's gonna watch what there's no easy way for them to watch it all together too because of the way they're buckled up for safety and of course the parents my daughter-in-law was trying to drive while the arguments are going on in that back seat is he's gonna back me up so we added Jim a small ledge in the back of the second row console that holds an iPad in place for third row viewing I know it's just a nuanced thing but imagine how my daughter-in-law feels when that arguments gone and the kids are so happy it doesn't add any cost per se but my goodness does it add value and value is a big part of this story for Explorer we want to give customers a much better as you breathe in a land rover but we don't want to charge those kind of prices afford needs to be a smart financial choice for the new Explorer the base price only went up a few hundred dollars that's great news and you know that's a big deal in our industry when prices have been going up and you know what you get standard co-pilot 360 it's a whole suite of driver assist technologies a beautiful new 8 inch screen standard on every model it's got power liftgate one of the most important features the customers told us about LED lighting front and rear I mean there is so much more for just a few hundred dollars today's Explorer is already the best-selling vehicle in its segment Jim just imagine when customers get to use this product we're gonna get a lot of calls I think we want to get moved up in priority here right yep yep yeah I'm excited about it there's going to be no argument that this team's done a great job the all-new Explorer offers all the capability comfort and roominess that made it America's favorite SUV and inspired millions of those family adventures and now we're adding this smart intuitive technology that's going to make it easier and of course is going to be more fun than to get out and explore our America without leaving our modern conveniences behind us now to tell you more another member of my team that I'm really proud of that put a lot of effort into this is Ford's executive vice president of product development how I tank hello everyone good evening you just heard from Jim and Jim about the customer journey that our team took to really understand the needs of today's SUV customers now I get to show you the details of how our team delivered on all of those needs using human centric design as Jim Farley told you the team was able to give the new Explorer premium proportions a more athletic look in even more capability than ever before by going to a rear-wheel drive architecture in fact Explorer is built on one of our five brand new flexible architectures which are helping make for product development even more efficient and fit we also made sure the standardized all of the features that our customers love to make this new Explorer a tremendous value these features include four favorites like the 23 liter EcoBoost engine a brand-new 10 speed transmission with an electronic rotary shifter the grocery saving Apple catcher and an embedded modem one of our main objectives with the Explorer was to help customers find a better balance between me time and we time and we're thrilled to say with the new Explorer that it's packed with features that will help you break away from the screen and connect with families during those treasured moments you'll love how the team designed an entirely new cabin and use smart technologies like noise cancellation to shut out unwanted road and wind noise so that you can carry on a conversation with your family and occupants in all three rows of the vehicle the new Explorer is one of our quietest vehicles ever now of course anyone who's taken an 11 hour road trip like the one that my family takes to New York every holiday season knows that it's important to cater to everyone's needs with the Explorers in-car Wi-Fi system you can connect up to 10 different devices my wife and I can enjoy an audiobook upfront while our two daughters can stream a movie or listen to their favorite playlists and the backseats using their headphones the front seats also have five different massage settings to help us arrive refresh after a long day of driving together these features help the new explorer redefine the meaning of utility it's not just about cargo space capability or performance it's about providing the flexibility to fit every moment of our constantly changing lives our deep understanding of SUV owners and their wide-ranging needs enabled us to make this the best Explorer ever are you looking for a family SUV to help you tow your boat to the lake well this new Explorer can tow up to 50 600 pounds when properly equipped searching for the ultimate SUV performance we've got you covered there too and we'll have a lot more news to share next Monday want to get off the beaten path the new Explorer comes with superior off-road off-roading chops thanks in part to the rear-wheel drive architecture plus improve departure and approach angles and the new Explorer also do be used ford's reinvented terrain management system it lets you select up to seven different modes so you can switch between snow to trail to sand with a simple turn of the dial our smart new available twelve point three inch digital cluster even changes the 3d appearance based on your driving mode now how about everyday challenges like trying to get yourself and six young athletes to the game you can't do that in a Jeep Grand Cherokee you'll need a three row Explorer featuring easy entry second row seating and a flat second row console for easy access to the third row as you can see the all-new Explorer delivers even more capability roominess and comfort that made the original a favorite for families all around the world but we know that SUV owners also want to drive a stylish athletic looking vehicle and they want a companion that helps them navigate their busy lives plus provide a personal oasis where they can enjoy a little bit of solitude beyond a great driving experience Explorer can help you stay connected and confident with new smart technology one a command center that's as a two ative as your smartphone Explorer comes with Ford's first 10

1 inch touchscreen it works in concert with a twelve point three inch driver display to provide everyone with personalized information it lets the swipe or pinch to zoom just like your phone or tablet it also displays full-screen maps and connects you with your digital world through sync features need help managing your busy day with sync plus Alexa app and sync you can access Alexa skills on the road just like at home with your Amazon echo have you ever left your house and think that you forgot to close your garage don't worry you can do that on the road now just ask Alexa how about when you want to enjoy some me time with your Explorer with sync you can use a plink carplay Android auto or Alexa to play your favorite tunes and then pump them through a 980 watt B no audio system with 14 speakers that surrounds you with immersive sound now one of the best things about my job is the ability to introduce smart technologies to help make our customers safer and better drivers trying to change lanes on a busy freeway the new ford co-pilot 360 technology is there the help with a blind spot detection system that uses radar to help detect vehicles in your blind spot it also recognizes when you're towing and off enlarges the blind spot to cover the trailer as well how about when you're driving home and stop and go traffic at the end of a long day for copilot 360 offers available intelligent adaptive cruise control that helps you maintain a safe distance in traffic by managing acceleration and braking to smoothly cruise at the speed and the following distance that you pre select it's even smart enough to adjust your speed automatically when the speed limit changes we've referenced human-centered design several times let me give you one more example on Explorer we're introducing a lane centering feature that mimics human behavior it detects the vehicle position and automatically makes steering adjustments to keep your Explorer centered in your lane but it also moves your vehicle towards one side of the lane if it detects a large vehicle next to it just like a human driver would as you're winding through your neighborhood at the end of a long day there's pre-collision assists with automatic emergency braking and pedestrian protection it uses radar and camera technology to scan the road ahead and can apply the brakes to reduce the risk of a collision with a slow or stopped vehicle it even can detect pedestrians when they walk in front of the vehicle and when you're backing up there's a class exclusive reverse brake assist feature which can automatically apply the brakes to avoid a collision should something get in the way of the car so there you have it the all-new Ford Explorer it's smarter roomier more capable more stylish and it's the most efficient Explorer ever we hope you enjoyed this sneak peek at what lies ahead and we'll have plenty more to tell you about the rest of the Explorer lineup next week at the North American International Auto Show

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