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New Cadex First Look | Hot Tour de France Tech


– It's the 2019 Tour de France and I'm in Brussels for the Grand Depart It's a hive of activity here, there's loads going on

One of the most exciting things is the launch of a brand new components brand called Cadex Now, while at the Grand Depart, Cadex invited us down to the launch to show you what it's all about and check out the new components (relaxed electronic music) The launch is happening inside here but before I dive in and show you all the cool techy details of the new products, remember be sure to subscribe to GCN if you haven't already and click the little bell icon as it'll give you a notification every time we upload a video, and it helps support the channel So it's all happening down here Now, Cadex is a new brand but some of you may remember the Cadex name from around 20 years ago and that's because Cadex is a subsidiary of Giant, which is the largest bike manufacturer in the world

Now initially, the brand is launching some rather tasty wheels, some tires, and also a saddle as well but more products are expected to join the range later on And they've got them on display on some very tasty bikes down here, so, going to have a look Look at this Sarto! Very nice, what a weave on that Got Olympic champion, Greg Van Avermaet's glittering gold custom bike as well Very nice

First up we'll take a look at the wheels and there's a pretty comprehensive range off the bat And the wheels are going to be offered in disc brake versions, tubular versions and also tubeless versions throughout the range Cadex is looking to position itself as a premium brand and consequently the wheels and products had a correspondingly large amount of R&D go into them Now, in contrast, a sort of lower end wheel manufacturer will typically buy some stock carbon rims from a carbon manufacturer and then some off the shelf spokes and hubs and build up the wheels and just slap their own logo on it and sell it But Cadex has designed everything from the ground up, all the components

and the rims have been optimized aerodynamically using CFD, computational fluid dynamics, and also wind tunnel testing at Magny-Cours And then real-world testing with top athletes including the CCC team and Greg Van Avermaet And this helps optimize the stiffness and handling of the wheel This level of R&D, and design that goes into the wheel is generally what separates your entry level carbon wheels from, well, more top-end stuff Road wheels are available in two depths, so we've got 65 millimeter ones like these and also 42 millimeter ones

Now, there are also tubular, tubeless, and disk brake wheel options These 65s, just 1367 grams a pair But I have to show you the 42s which I've spotted over there 'cause they are seriously light So this is the Cadex 42 tubular seriously light, just 1163 grams a pair that is properly impressive, that, they are ridiculously light! And that's impressive for an aero wheel that's 42 millimeters deep And also quite interestingly, the tubeless version which obviously has a different rim profile, is just around 100 grams heavier which is just there

The wheels are nice and wide as well, so 19 millimeters internal rim width which is good 'cause it helps keep the tire nice and wide when it's seated and stops any mushrooming which compromises aerodynamics when the tire sits wider on a narrower rim And something which helps keep the weight of these wheels down is the spokes Get this, these spokes are carbon fiber and they use something which Cadex calls dynamic balanced lacing, I'm not entirely sure what that means but they're custom for these wheels, and they're directional Get this, right? So each one of these spokes is carefully shaped into a mini aerofoil It's hard to see but when you run your fingers down it you can feel it, so the leading edge is rounded like a little mini plane wing and the trailing edge is sharper so, helps, supposedly, make a wheel more aerodynamic when the wheel is spinning

That's properly cool I actually spoke to some of the CCC mechanics and riders yesterday, and now they're sponsored by Cadex wheels they were telling me that they're actually having to add some additional weight to the bikes to get them up to the UCI limit of 68 kilograms so we weighed Greg Van Avermaet's bike and it came in at 65 with the 65s in so, quite interesting, but I'm a massive TT nerd as many of you know, so I'm particularly excited to see that they've got some new time-trial wheels here which are over here Now this is the new Cadex 4-Spoke Aero front time-trial wheel and this is the new Cadex Aero Disc

Now the eagle-eyed among you may have spotted these being used by CCC riders earlier in the year during time trials But they were prototype versions These are the finished versions and they are very nice They're made of this kind of tech stream carbon fiber which we've seen I think on some Shiro helmets in the past with this sort checkered weave It's very pretty, isn't it? Something I'm really pleased to see is that in addition to the tubular version we've seen the pros riding, and that's what this is, there's also a tubeless version

It's slightly heavier but I love tubeless in time trials because it means you can run tubeless tires which can often offer lower rolling resistance, making you faster These spokes are directional as well so they are like mini wings so you, again, like the actual tiny spokes you've got this rounded leading edge trailing off to a wing shape at the back Very nice Now the hubs are cool as well, right? So the hubs have been designed by Cadex to be part of this homogeneous system within the wheel and, well, they sound amazing, right? There's other people in here but I'm going to do a free hub soundcheck, check this out (wheel hub clicking rapidly) How mega does that sound? It sounds like a klaxon, (he laughs) like an air-raid siren! I think the sound's being amplified 'cause it's on a disk wheel and it's hollow

And one of the reasons for that sound is these low friction hubs that have been installed in these wheels Now, one of the reasons is they have a 30 tooth pick up which is great 'cause it means you get really quick, snappy engagement, and that's more than a lot of competing hubs So, the DT Swiss 240 hub for example often has an 18 tooth ratchet system in there which won't pick up as quickly And it's said that this 30 tooth mechanism in here can also take a higher load, 30% higher load according to Cadex Sounds good though, doesn't it? Nice

As mentioned Cadex also has a new range of tubeless tires which are designed to integrate perfectly with their tubeless race wheels So they've got the Cadex Race Tubeless initially and it's available in three widths so we've got 23 millimeters like this one, 25, and then also these rather chunky 28s as well And then there's the saddle It's called the Cadex Boost, and you may be able to see, it's a truncated saddle with a short nose, these kind of shapes are becoming increasingly popular but Cadex tells me once again, this is just the first of their range and they're likely to bring out other shapes in the near future It's a very premium product, as with the other stuff so just 138 grams for this bad boy and part the reason for that is it's got a full carbon shell and rail system underneath so very bling indeed

Now certainly, well, truncated saddles are becoming more popular but Greg Van Avermaet's a fan He appears to have it on all of his bikes So there you have it, some tasty new premium products Now it'll be really interesting to see what else comes from this 'cause the engineers tell me it's only the beginning Maybe even a disk, disk which would be particularly cool

So let us know what you think of a new Cadex range in the comments section down below And I know what you're probably thinking, where can I get myself one of those awesome France themed GCN T-shirts? Well, fortunately, they're currently for sale in the GCN shop, so you can get one there Right, I'm going now, bye!

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