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New 2020 MacBook – Everything you NEED to know!


Apple has recently submitted some filings to the EEC, and one of them is for a portable personal computer running macOS 1015

And based on past experience, this could only mean one thing, a MacBook And it means that a new one is coming soon But which MacBook? We don’t know, but we do have a couple of ideas So in this video, we’re gonna talk about the MacBook model we think it’s most likely to be and why, as well as a runner-up possibility that isn’t as likely, but would definitely be an awesome addition to Apple’s MacBook lineup With the success of the 16” MacBook Pro, including the new Magic keyboard which most people, including us, absolutely love, it would make sense for Apple to switch the rest of their MacBook lineup over to using this keyboard

The whole butterfly keyboard debacle was horrible for Apple They went through multiple class-action lawsuits and an expensive free repair program for MacBooks with butterfly keyboards Not only that, but the general consensus was that all MacBooks with butterfly keyboards are flawed, and a LOT of people chose to go with Windows laptops because of it The only solution was to create a new keyboard, the Magic keyboard, and people are loving it! And a lot of people who are wanting a smaller MacBooks are sitting and waiting for a refresh with the new keyboard So with that, we personally believe that this mystery MacBook is either an update to the 13” MacBook Pro to include the Magic keyboard, or a full redesign that’ll bring the display size up to 14” and include a bunch of other feature changes

Either way, we’re most likely to see a switch to Intel’s 10nm processors, which should give us a small boost in processing performance, but a pretty huge boost in graphics performance with the new Iris Pro graphics This is going to be the biggest deal for the lower-end MacBook Pro, since graphics is the biggest bottleneck on this machine As for processing, we don’t expect it to change much, other than the chance that we’ll actually be able to upgrade to a 6-core processor on the high-end 13 or possibly 14” Model Now this would give us a big boost in processing power as well We can also expect upgrades to battery life, possibly a thicker body with better cooling, better speakers, microphones, and more, just like we saw on the 16” MacBook Pro

However, don’t get too excited We here are Max Tech are pretty sure that only the higher-end $1800 model is going to be updated or refreshed with these new features, or at least at first Why would we think so? Well, because it’s happened before In 2018, Apple updated the 13” MacBook Pro with the touch-bar, a quad-core processor and other features But the lower-end $1300 model stayed exactly the same for another year

This gave people a lot of incentive to spend a few hundred dollars more for a newer and more capable MacBook But if Apple would’ve updated both of them at the same time, not a lot of people would want to spend the extra cash on the higher-end model for a little bit more performance or features And that’s why we think Apple will do the same thing again this year The only difference is that that current $1300 MacBook Pro is an excellent deal, it’s actually the best bang for the buck model in terms of processor performance per dollar out of any MacBook, including the 16” MacBook Pro And that’s because it was updated last year with a quad-core processor, which is enough for most people, making it an excellent value even now in 2020, especially when it’s on sale for $100 off like it is right now on Amazon, which we’ll link to down below

So because it’s still a great value, it doesn’t really make sense for Apple to update this lower-end model at the same time as the $1800 model This means that for those who aren’t planning on spending $1800 on the upcoming 13 or 14” MacBook Pro replacement, it actually makes more sense to just buy the lower-end model right now and enjoy it for the next few months instead of waiting But for those who have the cash ready, the upcoming MacBook Pro refresh is going to be great, especially if it’s refreshed with a new 14” display Now let’s talk about the other possibility that this mystery MacBook might become There’s a chance that it could actually be the return of the 12” MacBook, with one very important change, the switch to Apple’s ARM-based processors, basically a similar processor to what comes in iPhones or iPads

Apple discontinued the 12” MacBook last year because it didn’t really have a strong place in the lineup, but if Apple were to switch to ARM processors, the 12” MacBook would actually make the most sense Microsoft has recently tried this with their Surface Pro X, which packs an ARM processor However, their product has a high price is aimed at the Pro market, so people have high expectations for it Unfortunately, the software is running a little bit behind, not being able to support all of the native 64bit apps that many people expect to use on a pro device, like photoshop and other apps It actually has to use an emulator to 64 bit apps, causing them to run very slowly compared to what people are used to, and even then not all apps work so a lot of customers and reviewers were not happy with the Surface Pro X

This is actually the same thing Apple wants to do They want to switch their Macs from Intel chips over to their own ARM chips Even Intel is expecting Apple to switch to ARM chips this year in 2020 And this isn’t something new Last year at WWDC, Apple announced their Catalyst project, and it has one main goal: creating a new and simple way to turn ipad apps into fully native Mac apps

They’re basically creating the software that could end up being used to not only make iOS apps run on macOS, but also do the reverse, have Mac apps run on ARM processors But of course, this transition is going to be rough, and that’s why it makes the most sense for the very first ARM-based MacBook to be a very low-end and cheap MacBook that doesn’t really have high expectations performance wise but it would make for a super portable machine with amazing battery life If Apple priced their first ARM-packing MacBook at around $1000, the bulk of the market will be using it for common tasks like web-browsing, streaming video and using simple apps No one will be expecting it to have the fastest performance for a bunch of high-end apps, so there will be less issues with it, and it’ll allow Apple to start working on the software and getting it ready for the rest of their higher-end MacBook lineup Now I know it’s much more likely that this mystery MacBook is a refreshed 13 or 14” MacBook Pro, but Apple is going to switch to ARM processors soon, so there’s always that small chance that it’ll happen

But whatever it ends up being, we’ll be here making videos on it, so if you’re not already subscribed, go ahead and click that circle above to do so now, and check out one of those two videos right over there Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you in the next video

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