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We check our phone 110 times a day In young people, this number is 200

We are so dependent; 75 out of a 100 people say they are checking their phones as the first thing in the morning You probably do it, even if there is no notification on your phone, without a reason you unlock your phone, check it and lock the screen again So, This behavoir, forcing us to check our phone 24/7 Is it an addiction? or is it the need to be aware of our environment all the time? To understand the reason for this strange behavior we must first understand how the reward system in the human brain works When you see someone attracting, get hungry or been appreciated by other people after you have accomplished a job some chemical molecules are secreted in your brain

When it comes to addiction, two molecules stand out Dopamine and endorphin Dopamine pushes us to seek more, it provides motivation Endorphin rewards us with a feeling of pleasure and happiness as soon as we get something we want Experiments on mice showed that even they had access to food mice with reduced dopamine levels in the brain did not eat until they died of starvation The reward system in our brain consists of a desire for reward initiated by dopamine and a reward cycle maintained by endorphin

The balance of these two chemicals is the reason for almost all our embarrassing behavior That's why you're addicted to the phone The reward system in your brain sometimes gets stuck in a dopamine cycle, and you can't get enough reward High dopamine brings us in search of reward and pleasure, makes us have our phones in our hands when we wake up however, when we cannot find a notification

or the likes and comments we find do not provide us with enough pleasure, we leave the phone back on the table without being fully satisfied Until dopamine triggers us again Whole Internet is designed this way

It is obvious that no one will use a social media platform without a "Like" button Every notification you receive on your phone creates a small explosion of endorphin in your brain that you are not even aware of and makes you even more addicted That's why you check your phone 110 times a day 75% of these checks have no reason at all Smartphones are great tools, but they keep us in constant dissatisfaction by keeping our dopamine level high at all time

There is a solution and it's simpleTurn off notifications Just turning off notifications has been proven to reduce phone usage time by 80%

The addictive features of social media platforms were not found by chance, each of which was delicately designed Social media platforms are the most valued companies Most of their revenue is created by advertisement The goal of these companies is to make you spend more time on their services For these companies, every extra minute you spend inside

means more ads, which means more money "Like" button is the greatest and most profitable invention of the last century Have you ever thought?

Why social media platforms do not have a “Hate” or "dislike" buttons? Because only the "likes" keep us in the dopamine cycle and make us addicted to these platforms

The next product those thousands of engineers and behaviorists have developed to keep us hooked will probably make us very "happy" and "addicted" too So, Isn't it possible not to be hooked? Start by asking yourself this question! What is the importance of how you appear

in the eyes of thousands of people who follow you in your social media accounts, whom you don't know, do not care what you feel, and whether those people like you or not? Those people in your social media accounts just coincide with your shares, like them or remain unresponsive A couple of years ago, since the night i was killing time on facebook while my 6 years old daughter was playing with her toys, making sweet noises and trying to get my attention, my facebook account is closed

What did I lose? I've experienced lots of memories that, no body "liked", "commented" and photographs from that memories are only in my mind Technology exists to help us advance

It is certain that social media connects us more to society and makes us feel happy, But, doesn't it make us lonely to be so addicted to technology? Is there a better time than today to remember that our life is much more than we see through a tiny glass ?

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