NCT 127 ‘SAVE’ Interview l Samsung Memory

NCT 127 x Samsung Memory
Save the moment with Samsung Memory. This interview is about Samsung Memory and NCT 127, who have a desire to keep cherished memories with loved ones, stay connected and communicate with the world, and save the planet we live in.
#SaveEarth #SaveLove #SaveMemory #SaveAlltheProgess …

60 thoughts on “NCT 127 ‘SAVE’ Interview l Samsung Memory

  1. I like this collaboration which also gives us awareness of saving our mother nature beacuse of this climate change we are experiencing this days. Congratulations NCT127 and SAMSUNG MEMORY

  2. Everything is okay of Samsung but the things is Samsung UI is bored, there is no nice customizition on the notification and the quick panal always same that's bored nothing nice customizition like other smart phone company's like MI cute skin tone 🤦🏻

  3. I love my boys interview this was serious but their playfulness never stops.. Haha taeil you did great my dear…. Save your muscles. Thankyou . And wow Ty English improved so much that is so nice.😍👏👍💚💚

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