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My Wake Tech Story – Kara Salazar


My plan after graduating high school was to go to Wake Tech and receive an associates of arts and to ultimately transfer to another one of North Carolina's public universities However, life got in the way

I ended up having a little one about a year and a half after graduation, and things kind of took a turn from there It got to be too much for my school studies, so I really was, at that point, more focused on making sure I could put food on the table, and have a roof over our heads, and just provide for us in a financial sense I remember seeing the advertisement for TechHire and the certifications in particular And I did a little bit more research and realized that the classes were not curriculum they were continuing education and they were a little bit more flexible in terms of scheduling, so I was able to do it after work TechHire helped me transition from a soon-to-be ending retail position, it helped me transition totally into the technology sector

If I would have tried to just get in, get my foot in the door, just by myself, this certainly would have been a much more difficult path I'm super thankful, and grateful, for the Wake Teach TechHire program for giving me not only the paths for the certifications, but also the career building and just self building skills to be successful, and those key roles and new opportunities that I've been afforded now I was joking with someone the other day This school's gonna have to get rid of me now that I've got my foot in the door Yeah, they're not getting rid of me anytime soon

I can definitely see myself continuing to work in the technology sector, not just for a long time, but for the rest of my working career I definitely have Wake Tech TechHire to thank for that for giving me that launchpad into the technology sector that I wouldn't have been able to have otherwise My name is Kara Salazar and this is my Wake Tech story

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