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Welcome to REVIEW SPOT Today we bring you our next product review, a MASS GAINER called MUSCLE TECH MASS TECH I told you at my SERIOUS MASS REVIEW what MASS GAINERS? For those who haven't seen that video, I'll put this link when this video is finished I'll tell those who haven't seen This MASS GAINERS is a HIGH CALORIE PROTIEN POWDER which contains PROTIEN, CABOHYDRATE, FAT etc for those who are trying to gain weight The problem for most people is that they can't eat the amount of calorie they need

So it's good to have a MASS GAINER Okay, now we know what these MASS GAINERS are Let's talk about our PRODUCT MASS TECH is a MASS GAINER produced by CANADIAN COMPANY called MUSULE TECH 12lbs & 7lbs, Two of these sizes could have been purchased before, but now it comes with a 31 kg (7lbs) size only There are an advanced product of MASH TECH now called MASS TECH EXTREME 2000 The only difference is that they include vitamins fro that product

Servings is this mass gainer are five scoops That means 230G From one Servings, You will get CALORIES 840, PROTEIN GRAM 63G, CARBOHYDRATE 132G, TOTAL FAT 7G Most MASS GAINERS have 50g PROTEIN, but MASS TECH gives 63g PROTEIN If you drank this MASH TECH with Skim Milk, you would be able to increase your CALORIES 1010, PROTEIN 80G, CARBOHYDRATE 156g per day In addition, this product includes a CREATINE 10G, BRANCHED CHAIN ​​AMINO ACID 14G This is a problem for everyone with the Servings size of this MASS TECH It's really hard to drink 5 SCOOPs at once Let's make a SCOOP of this

This is Mass Tech Scoop You need 100ml of milk or water to dissolve a SCOOP MASS TECH, unlike other MASS GAINERS, dissolve well You can get this Mass gainer one scoop in the morning, one scoop before GYM, one scoop after GYM, One scoop before bed If you drink 1 SERVINGS a day like this, you can drink this tub for 14 days But I RECOMMEND only drink 2 SCOOP a day Then you can use this tub for 33 days As I said in the previous video, there is no problem to drink only two scoops The reason is my personal experience I also like a lot of guys, who can not gain weight For years, my weight was 55 kg This is me Now my weight is 73 kg No matter how much I ate, My weight is not gain

I'll show you how I gained weight in my next video My first MASS GAINER was this MASS TECH I used the first TUB for about a month My weight gained by 7kg Then My 2nd tub, I was able to get it after five months It took a while to finish the second TUB By the time the next tub was over, my weight had increased by 5kg With both TUBs, my weight increased by 12 kg The next thing is, if you don't eat enough for any of these MASS GAINER not work At least eat 3 times a day If you can eat 5 time a day In the DESCRIPTION has been put in place as a link to see how much calories a person needs You need to eat well to maintain your Weight gain This is my 3rd tub, It's not finished yet, But I gain 5kg from this also Okay let's see how MASH TECH prices in Sri Lanka This MASS GAINER sells for Rs 950000 to Rs 12500

00 It's hard to find a STRAWBERRY FLAVOR in this one But you can find CHOCOLATE & VANILLA flavor The next big problem is how to find the FAKE or ORIGINAL This product has only one authorize dealer In sri lanka You can find it in my description Others not sell fake product I am going to teach how to find Original Product

first See on the top of the tub, there should be embossed in MuscleTech Then around the TUB lid, see if there is a SEAL like this picture Make sure the when you open the lid there should be white or Silver seal like this picture That seal mused me pasted Turn the TUB down and see if it's EBOSE like this Next see if there is an EXPIRE DATE and BATCH NO If there is MANUFACTURE DATE then it's a fake product MESH TECH'S DESIGN has changed now, Please check it before you buy the product If the Shop has new stock in Old design, Do not buy from them

Next thing is this barcode scanner If you scan this barcode it's shows your PRODUCT on GOOGLE And check for any spelling mistakes If there any spelling mistake, do not get the product Next way is the best way There is a batch no near the Expire date Go for the Link in my description called Authentication Link And put your Batch no, Expire date, Where you buy the product, and take a photo of tub lid, tub barcode, tub batch no and expiry date, and send the email to check your product is original product I've dropped that link in my description way to email

Then COMPANY will send your email abourt your PRODUCT ORIGINAL or FAKE Now you know, What is mass gainers, About Mass Tech Product, It's Prices and How to find original & Fake Finally I'm gonna talk about whether these MASS GAINERS are good to take Is it ok to get mass gainers, who can not gain weight from foods I got 4 Mass gainers, and I gain 15kg from 3 mass gainers These mass gainers calories come from sugar, That's why everyone says not to drink Mass Gainers Another thing is Do not change the Mass gainer product you first use Get the same Mass Gainer for your Next Mass Gainer

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