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See how Samsung Multi View elevated Stefanie’s fitness workflow and let …

“I’m able to do so many more things” Ok, Good morning, my name is Stefanie, I am health and fitness YouTuber based in Scotland in the UK, Today I have partnered with Samsung to show you how I multitask at home, This is absolutely massive.

Oh my goodness. So I’m really looking forward to using this Samsung multi-view feature on their TV. It allows me to be do doing my workout this afternoon and also catch up on my favorite TV show at the moment as well.

So as a youtuber, and a content creator and influencer, I have my day planned out hour by hour, So, from 8 o clock in the morning, right through the whole working day, I have everything scheduled, I have to write down when I plan my breakfast, when I plan my workout, my down time, my reading time, if I have a podcast, my work, my content creation, researching for content creation and it’s a just really busy, hands-on day all the time.

So as a result, having a feature such as the multi view feature on the Samsung TV, and the ability to cast my phone onto it, is so beneficial for me, it allows me to multi task, I don’t feel like I’m slipping up on anything.

I can tick one or two tasks off for the day at the same time. So as someone who does have a pretty hectic schedule and feels like they are consistently working, I used to not really have too much TV time, I would start to feel as if I wasn’t being productive, and was just feeling like it was kind of wasting an hour or two of my day, where I could be doing something more productive with my time.

But with the multi view feature, it allows me to do more than one thing at the same time, Thus, I can keep on top of my workload, I can catch up with my personal TV shows, and I can do my workout. The Samsung multi view feature allows me to be doing my workout, and also catch up my favorite tv show at the moment.

It also allows me to pair my phone and allow me to have my work chat on the screen, So, if there’s a group chat going on, I can see it on the screen as all the messages come through, And I don’t have to stop and pause my workout to keep checking my phone, This just allows me to be super productive, it keeps me on my fitness regime, make sure I don’t skip my workout, I don’t have any excuses to skip my workout, and I can multi task, and keep on top of my personal hobbies, such as my tv show, Using the Samsung devices to do a multi view function has changed the game.

Nothing has to slip, you can do your workout, you can talk to your friends, you can keep on top of your work chat, and you can watch your favorite tv show, you can do it all.

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