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Level up on gaming with Samsung Multi View. Samsung UK Marketing …

I have just had the delivery guys drop off a very exciting parcel for me. Hallelujah! I’m a bit gobsmacked at how massive this box is. So I can’t wait to get into this unboxing. Let’s do this! Oh, wow, goodness.

This is going to be tough. Look, it’s my Frame TV! So I’ve just come in. It’s actually cold. I don’t know where all this heat and spring sunshine has disappeared to. So I’m gonna make a really nice indulgent hot chocolate.

Yes! Look at that. I just realised I’m very colour-coordinated today like I’m in a lot of sage, right down to my mug. Totally unintentional, by the way. Maybe it wasn’t. Ha! Anyway, I wanna play some games-suh.

Ohhh, I’m first! Get out of town! No! Drive, drive, drive! I’m gonna win! Ha, I’m gonna win! Yes! Smashed it! Eyyyyy! I’m going to show you something really cool. I have now Twitch loaded up on my phone here and also on my TV.

Amazing. I feel like that’s a really cool feature because I prefer to keep the volume of Twitch going because it means I can get involved with the banter. This is so cool, by the way. I can’t get over it.

I love just seeing it in the living room. Look at her! She’s so gorgeous! I have had The Frame TV for quite a while now and I honestly have loved every second. The absolute king of beasts for me on The Frame TV is the Multi View mode.

I’ve found so many different uses for this day to day and I’m quite surprised at how often I actually use this. Multi View mode has changed my experience of how I engage with my TV. Honestly, I’m not disappointed.

In fact, it’s completely exceeded my expectations.

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