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Bring the family closer together, with Samsung Multi View. Samsung UK …

I have just received The Frame TV through my door. Ta da! I am so excited to set this up. I’m going to use this for watching movies, rugby games, doing my fitness workouts on this. It’s gonna be epic.

Woah! And we’re done! It looks beautiful and it works so well in our living room. Here we go. Good morning everyone. This morning I’m going to be doing a workout with my sister. She is back in Edinburgh at my family home.

Ready to do some yoga? As if by magic, I just need to enlarge her. 3, 2, 1. My sister and I have been doing this virtual workout routine for just over a week now. When she video calls me in the morning and I’m still in my bed, I feel so guilty.

Before, I used to prop my phone up on the ground, glance down when I could. So having her up on a bigger screen means I can really see her properly. We got there! Okay, so I’ve been using the Multi View feature for about two weeks now and this feature has become crucial in my morning routine and how I now socialise with my family and friends.

Having them up on the big screen makes me really feel like I’m bringing them back into the living room with me and I’m able to interact with them in a way that I wasn’t able to previously.

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