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Multitask with Samsung Multi View. Samsung UK Associate, Leo unleashes her creativity and gets her podcast on the air, from prep to recording, by bringing everything she needs together on one …
I have a spanking new TV..This is our old TV..I think it’s time to move onto bigger and better things..But before that, let’s get dressed..I am excited!.Arghhh!.Oh my gosh, it’s so big!.It is literally bigger than me.Here, just for size reference..Our new baby..Let the building commence..Woo!.Yes! I heard the clicking sound..Yay!.How do we feel about our success?.Amazed!.Stunning. I love it..Good morning everyone..I thought it could be fun to take youthrough my morning routine..First thing, make my coffee.Favorite part of the day..Then I always readfor about half an hour..Then I journal for a bit and I try anddo a mini meditation for five minutes..So one of the main things.I’m also hopingto use the Multi View function for….The creation of my podcast!.The first step to any episodeis the podcast prep and planning.which means that normallyjust on my laptop and on my phone.I’ll be going through potential guests,Instagrams and YouTube videos.and podcasts that they’ve been onto just get a feel for the guests.and also plan any questionsthat we can ask them..Today we’re gonna to be speakingabout journaling.which is one of my very favoriteself-care practices.and Cara’s gonna call mein five minutes..So in this week’s episode we aregonna be talking about journaling..So, yeah, I think journalingcan be hard to get into.but it definitely is worthpersevering with..Now I’ve used the Multi View functionfor the well as the recording of an episode,.I can definitely say that it madeconnecting and much easier, so much smoother..So I can’t wait to recordfuture episodes with this..

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