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Mukkam Post StartUp S1E5 | StartUp Stories India | "Robolab Tech" Story of 3 Idiots of Engg College


Hello Friends, I Sachin Welcome you all in the next episode of Mukkham Post StartUp Friends, to talk about the technology the first thing that comes to mind is Hollywood Movies Today various movies which are produced in different countries showcases technology But, this does not mean that our country is lagging in technology Today, our nation is also in the forefront in producing technology Pune based 3 engineering graduates have started with a StartUp in which Robotic Technology has been used completely and the technology which we fantasize or which we watch in Hollywood Movies is been brought to reality So, let's watch to know more about this StartUp Hello, I am Pratik I completed my studies till SSC in Amravati, Maharashtra then, I went on to complete my HSC from a college in Aurangabad After, studying hard during FYJC (11th) and SYJC (12th) I secured my admission in College of Engineering, Pune (COEP) in the year of 2009 in Electronics and Telecommunication (E&TC) When I came to college I came to know that there are more opportunities for me To say, there are at least 52 students manage clubs Robotics, Automation, Mathematics, Philosophy You just name it for every subject, there is a club at the college From that, there was one club of Robotics and Automation There I gave an entrance exam for it and seniors from that club selected me to join and there I got 2 new close friends Amol Gulhane

Amol Gulhane: Along with Pratik and Ajit, we implemented many projects, ideas We participated in many National level competitions and for COEP as well as for us we won many awards for the same We also some of the competitions and we understood that winning and losing is the part of the game When we were approaching our Final year in our course we did a chai pe charcha Ajit Pawar: We came to know that in India there less number of Robotic labs present Our passion was robotics and from the last 4 yrs, we were working in the lab, working on our projects entering into various competitions From that what we discovered was that we should try to provide this technology of robotics to every student who is pursuing Engineering or Diploma in Engineering And from that, an idea was generated about Robotics Laboratory This is must and should be present in every engineering college By which it will be profitable by this new technology and they could learn something new from it Before our exams, we had this idea and we had prepared presentations and we went to our Director Sir and told him that this is our presentation and we have a dream that this should be in the form of a Company and students should get knowledge regarding Robotics Technology So, while explaining to him about it, director sir noticed team bonding between the 3 of us So, our director sir advised us, to meet Mr Sanjay Inamdar who is our mentor of Entrepreneurship cell So, after 1 week we went and met him and showed our presentation to him Then sir, asked us 2 questions which was Are your parents dependent on you? We said no, we three of us were younger in our respective families and each of us had a elder sibling who could look after our families Sir pointed out that, It was not the issue

Okay, then he asked us another question that Are 3 of you engaged to Girlfriends By god sake, we three were single So, he then gave us green light to continue After that, we took a decision that if we don't get any orders during sept-oct than it will be more difficult for us to move forward So, we started doing hard work in that direction and we got our 1st order in sept itself While performing these activities of StartUp and interesting, serious but, a fun kind of thing which I want to tell you guys It was the year of 2014, we were testing our drone Till what altitude our drone will reach? So, we went for testing Me and one of my colleague were present there we were flying our drone and while testing it, it secured more altitude and thereby we lost the communication with it Slowly it went towards the college neighborhood where lies Pune District Sessions Court So, I went with my friend there with my bike to search for our drone So, while searching, someone told me that Police have recovered a bomb like material and in the second I got the feeling that it is nothing but our drone So, I went there and approached the Officer standing over there and told him that It was my airplane which must have fallen down If I would have told them back in 2014 that it was my drone then, they would have never understood it I told them that the bomb which has been found is nothing but my airplane

So, I went with them and told them and they said whether it is this The thing was that we wanted to make a soft landing so we had attached smily balls of yellow along the side Plus, there was this red light which was blinking which indicated battery life Due, to this Police, suspected it to be a time bomb When I went there there were more than 30-40 policemen at the spot The roads were barricaded and some local people were standing there with wooden sticks in their hands They were thinking to beat the person who had planted the bomb So, I went there and said that it is our airplane and the main Inspector asked me if you can turn it off then, I said yes sir I can do it I removed the battery and it turned off They made me sit in Police Vehicle from all sides, police entered and took their sits in the Tata Sumo and I was sitting in the center While vehicle started to move, the officer nearby relayed over the walkie-talkie that Terrorist suspect has been taken into custody and is present in our vehicle So, when I heard it, I was like surprised So, the Police officer said that Terrorist suspect has been found and then they asked me my name, I told them Ajit Pawar then I told them my full name Ajit Balaji Pawar and I am from Nashik and I have done my engineering from nearby COEP while I was having conversation with them, after a mile and a half they realized that it's not that serious and these are students and they were really testing their airplane and they took me to Police Station and took in writing about the precautions My friend was also surrounded by the commandos At last, the situation became so calm that the officers served us tea Oh God, These are our 3 idiots Friends, if we want our StartUp to be successful instead of 1 man army, a team can be better any day and, if this team comprises of your friends then it is like icing on the cake As a StartUp, Robolab acquired success in no time But, what must have happened that, the Indian Army needed Robolab Like the humor in the story, there are achievements also For this watch the next episode of Mukkham Post StartUp Like our Channel #OpExIndia and do share it to the maximum

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