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Mountaineer Challenge Academy moving to former WVU Tech campus


RILEY The city of Montgomery gets a new opportunity for economic growth In his state of the state address, Governor Jim Justice announced the Mountaineer Challenge Academy will be opening a second campus at the former W-V-U Tech campus

59 news reporter Regina Gonzalez spoke with city officials about how this move will be beneficial for the area It's been a bit of a challenging journey for Montgomery city officials like Mayor Greg Ingrum, who've struggled to fill the empty buildings that make up the former W-V-U Tech campus SOT-GREG INGRUM West Virginia University decided in 2016 to move to WVU Tech to Beckley, and when they did that they vacated 12- 14 buildings on the campus Even more of a loss to the area was no longer having the students that attended the school walking around or living in the area STAND UP- REGINA GONZALEZ Mayor Ingram says after the Tech campus shut down and a chunk of the student population left, businesses like this one were forced to lock their doors and put up closed signs because they just couldn't stay afloat

But, new opportunity is coming During last week's State of the State Address, Governor Jim Justice announced plans for the Mountaineer Challenge Academy to open up a second location on the Tech Campus Run by the WV National Guard, The program is designed to give academically challenged teens a second chance at getting their basic education PHONER SOT- GEN JAMES HOYER They come to our program

it's a 22 week military environment Expected to bring more than 60 jobs to the areaIngram and Hoyer not only think this will benefit a part of the state that needs an economic boost

But Maj Gen Hoyer stresses that this will also be another ideal location for children to thrive in their program

PHONER SOT- GEN JAMES HOYER Yea its gonna be good for ntgomery but nna be good for e state West rnia to be able to take moreids who are ri who have either opped out or are opping out of hool to contin their educatio Reporting in ntgomery, Regina Gonzalez Ne RILEY The first classes in Montgomery are scheduled to begin this October Riley And two staple businesses in Fayetteville are

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