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    Motorola RAZR: il primo smartphone pieghevole Motorola


    Welcome to Monclick and Monclick Magazine friends! I am Alessandra Basile and today with me – Luca Figini, hello! Well found, after a long time – Long last! We are back – I see you a little changed Are you more blonde? – I'm more blonde

    – Oh! – I see that you have something here instead – Let's not talk about anything today! – No – What are we talking about? – Well, let's see – I have it here, I have it here! – What? – Tah-dah! – Wonder! – Wonderful RAZR motorcycle

    – And do the most beautiful thing of all! Tac! And now Abbreviation! So, Alessandra, here it is We opened it

    do I close it? – Yes, OK – It's too good! – Let's hear the clack – Wonderful! – What a joy! – I can't wait to do it again

    So you know that during the review when I can finally try it I'll just call you for the sake of slamming the phone in your face like that, right? Ah, you are really nice! – I congratulate those who make you do the Magazine! – Thank you! Motorola has clearly reinvented the RAZR A flexible display that is this here, then we will talk more in depth of the flexible display, he reinvented it but let's see the aesthetics – Yes, because in the end, however, there is a lot of design and style here – Exactly 2

    7 "OLED front display, allows you to interact How? A few simple steps, so I swipe up and unlock There is the context menu When I receive the notifications, a triangle or notification appears from the WhatsApp application, I hold down and I can see either the notification or even – I can already answer – Yes, with pre-set answers I can not write No, they are predefined or even with Google Voice, we can dictate them

    Exactly or even better Since the user experience is continuous from the small display to the large display with messages, with phone calls and with the multimedia part, such as Spotify or the integrated part when it opens we will find here the application we are using A little uninterrupted – 5 MP front camera – We have one

    – The flash we've seen before – The fingerprint sensor – Yup Back, nothing You will notice one thing, we will show you immediately

    Unlike the old RAZRs, the battery is integrated Indeed more Two batteries are integrated for a total of 2,510 mAh on both bodies because when I hold it it is perfectly balanced Not too heavy on either side Here too great engineering work

    The Motorola logo that I missed a lot, RAZR – But above all, there is the USB-C port, but there is not ? – There is not? – There is not? – There is not? – The SIM

    – Because we have eSIM So the electronic SIM, so there is no physical card The card is electronic, it is somewhat compensated by an internal chip which includes the SIM which is configurable with the preferred operator – So Wind is already doing it – Yes

    TIM is getting ready In short, among other things Motorola has confirmed that it is working with everyone for it to work because this is the most important thing You said a lot of engineering work Here 4 years of work and 21 prototypes I believe that then the photos came out with the renderings

    This is the definitive one Four years, 21 prototypes because the key element I left it last is the zipper Let's show the mechanism well – Is the mechanism in steel ? – Stainless steel I would say watchmaker level, perfection Because it has gears that somehow allow this type of movement which is the crucial part of a flexible display Of a flexible smartphone

    Because the display folds but then the guarantee that everything works correctly which seemed like the English say a smooth, therefore fluid effect is given by this mechanism – It is right that it is so because anyway it must be added value, not the other way around – Exactly The display folds It folds exactly here

    We immediately answer the question "Can you see the fold?" Yes, but you forget it Why Can I say it? It's so cool that we're not going to break the boxes

    In fact, let's say the features right away because they are the last thing to choose – In fact, you don't choose for that – Tell her you know them by heart So, we have the processor which is a Snapdragon 710 Are we talking about this choice? There will be those who will ask why the latest processor has not been installed

    – Who cares? – Let's explain it – You're right, those who sell me technology a tot per kilo, really – I know

    – This weighs totally No It weighs 200 grams and is beautiful

    It is a different concept Anyway, the Snapdragon 710 is a processor that works a lot in terms of battery optimization, space and above all it supports artificial intelligence because let's not forget it anyway that here we find that too – This is a multimedia smartphone You can do practically anything It is not a smartphone that wants go fight against gaming phones

    – No, that's another concept entirely It is a smartphone that focuses on aesthetics, functions, interactivity on design The 710 is perfect, it does not weigh on the autonomy of the battery In fact, it fits perfectly on a smartphone that has this purpose It does not burden the body because it does not therefore heat energy efficiency and thermal efficiency

    Supports any type of multimedia need, productivity, etc It is assisted by 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage I would like to rectify one thing: the internal camera is 5 MP, the external camera it is 16 MP f / 17 The displays are both OLED

    – Yes – The external one is also OLED 62 " – Cinema – Do we also want the resolution? So, Alessandra

    Questioned Tell us the resolution! – Luca, you brought up this question, tell her! – So, the external one is 600×800 px, 27 "

    The internal one is 876×2142 px, occupies about 70% of the screen / display ratio And it has a density of around 367 ppi, pixels per inch – Show what I said, it's better – All right Look

    Attention You are ready? Retro RAZR And the phone has arrived for Alessandra because she can only use this! You're always nice That's why I wasn't making videos with you anymore

    Because you didn't know how to use your smartphone! Now I'm back because finally – There is one suitable for me! – No, so in my opinion this is beautiful – I'd just buy it for that

    – Clearly it's a drawing – Well, of course – But it's wonderful! – It's wonderful Is it a gadget? Probably yes – Yes, but complete the experience

    It is low consumption because it still reduces consumption further – Let's show some interface? – Yes – Come on, then Android Stock interface – Light and fast – Android 9 Pie

    The only detectable customization are the Moto Gestures as we said before But also all the Motorola experiences, therefore the Moto Actions It can be done, as we have seen before, that the torch is turned on Also activate the quick release of the camera and then the gesture is also that to open and answer the call immediately, as it was done Let's show the camera, for completeness that has Night Mode clearly

    Because in the end the flexible display is flexible, but when you open it it is practically a traditional smartphone – You don't realize it And in my opinion this is the real flexible display For heaven's sake, you can then activate other types experimentation because then each user will choose what they want however this in my opinion is the real layout – It's probably more immediate It is also what can best allow us to bridge the smartphone we are used to and go back to the old ones – Exactly and then use applications with the same experience without waiting for them to be optimized

    After that, there is the other version where there is a different concept extension of the smartphone – Exactly, it's more an extension We remain with the expectation to try it in depth so at least I can call you and slam the phone in your face, with great joy – Let's hope! – Exactly, hopefully! We hope you call me and I'll slam the phone in your face because I'll actually have it! – You are so cute! – 1599 Euros

    Thanks to you for being with us, thanks to Luca for coming back! – No, thanks to you and I take it away! Hello! – Hello!

    Source: Youtube

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