Motorola Moto G Power (2021) Unboxing, Hands On & First Impressions!

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48 thoughts on “Motorola Moto G Power (2021) Unboxing, Hands On & First Impressions!

  1. I have last year's MotoGP power and I'm very happy with it and hearing all of these downgrades kind of makes me sick because I was looking forward to getting the next version but not anymore. I might consider going and get another one just like I have and just leaving it in the box until I need another phone

  2. I actually have the G power 2020 version and I will not be upgrading to the 2021. Honestly, the only 3 things that I like are the silver color, side fingerprint sensor and the increased size of the screen. Still, this is not enough of a reason for me to do an upgrade if you can call it that. By the way, The 20/20 version will turbo charge at 15 watts. For whatever reason, Motorola just did not include the turbo charger in the box. Moreover, I talked to several people at Motorola and they assured me that the 2020 version will be getting Android 11 at some point in time.

  3. IMHO at this point one is better off buying last year's G Power with its 1080p display and stereo speakers, likely discounted as well. Only real advantage of G Power (2021) is an extra year or so worth of security updates and side-mounted fingerprint scanner. Won't benefit on the OS side as it''ll be stuck on Android 11 just like the 2020 variant, a big miscue on Motorola's part imo.

  4. Well that sucks. I bought the 2020 Moto G Power for my best friend and I and we both love it. Was really hoping for a modest upgrade for 2021, but they've knocked down the screen resolution, the processor (sorta), and the dual speakers?! Jeeze, I guess I'll skip this year's model, hope for better next year, and buy last year's if I need a replacement… Or look at another brand.

  5. Does anyone have anu recommendations for a devent phone in the 250 range? The creator said you could find some that are better for about the same price. I currently have a horrible phone and need an upgrade. I have metro PCS as my carrier since there is an unlocked version of this phone i was considering it because of the 48mp cam. Thanks in advance

  6. All Moto Cell Phones Don't Have Enough RAM To Operate Smoothly And Efficiently. Their Phone's Freeze Up A Lot Due To The Lack Of RAM.

    Motorola Needs To Add RAM To All Of Their Budget Phones And Charge A Few Dollars More.

    Overall Their Cell Phones Are Pretty Decent, But They Need To Step Up Their Game And Stop Cutting Corner's If They Want To Retain Customer Loyalty!

  7. The bad part about going with the 2020 model is come this April it will only have one more year of security updates and the update to Android 11 hasn’t came yet, with the 2021 model even though it came out with android 10 and will updated to android 11 the device will still get 2 years of security updates so it depends on how often you upgrade your device because those security updates are more important than the specs

  8. 720p at $200-250?
    Nope. Nope, sorry stopped watching. Dealbreaker.
    I love moto and have used them on and off since 2012, but charging that kind of money for a 720p display is absolutely unacceptable.

  9. I don’t understand the obsession with screen pixels. I could care less lol😂 as long as I can see the screen I’m good. I’m a average user I don’t need anything crazy. The battery life is what draws me to this Moto phone! I currently have an iPhone 6s and the battery is terrible. I have terrible vision and the screen is to small, I’m looking forward to a big screen.

  10. I bought this 2021 Moto G Power for $85 on Boost Mobile a week ago. I'm only using it for wifi and do not want to activate the cellular service. The phone won't let me connect to the internet and keeps nagging me to activate. This phone's Carrier Hub/Service/Manager apps that automatically run in the background seems to install some kind of proprietary VPN tunnel for its wifi-calling feature which prevents my phone from accessing any website despite successfully connecting and authenticating to my wifi router. The router has been rebooted, it works fine and my other phones connected to it can access the web no problem.

    I tried removing the Boost Mobile sim card and start over by resetting the phone to factory. The wifi worked fine and it let me access the web for a day until the Carrier Hub app that's running in the background popped up again and nagged me to activate the phone. At that point the wifi internet/web access stopped working and notifies me that I need to "sign in to wifi network". Tapping on this notification gives me a "Webpage not available… ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED" message. Rebooting the phone several times did not solve the problem. Anyone here have the same problem with wifi internet access when this phone's cellular service is not activated? I've googled this problem but found no mention of it.

  11. It is a lot cheaper on Boost Mobile right now. It's going for $99 plus 15% off with a promo code. Not a bad deal for this phone. I am going to give it a try to see if it is better than my Coolpad Brisa which hasn't worked with my Snapchat since I got it last year.

  12. The So Called Downgrades Are Something Most Persons[Myself]Can Live With…The Average Person Isn't Going To Notice 720p…So It's No Big Deal For Me…No Dual Speaker Is Rather A Disappointment…But I Have A 300Watt LG Stereo System With Bluetooth Connectivity So I Pair Both Of My Phones & Tables With That Lot When I'm Home[Which Is Most Of The Time]…Some5 I've Been Doing Since Discovered Stereo Systems With Bluetooth Connectivity In 2017…Therefore It MORE Than Makes Up For It…And Sound Bloody Amazing…It's Is Rather A Bummer When I'm Away From Home…But I'm Less Likely To Play Audio Content In A Store Whilst Shopping…Then Theres The Elephant In The Room Almost Everyone Seeks To Miss…One Can Use Stereo Bluetooth Headphones~EarBuds…The Lot…Hence The Headphone Jack…

  13. That Side Mounted Fingerprint Sensor Is Precisely Like XIAOMI Devices…THE Specs Of That Phone Are VERY Similar To My XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 9S…Which Has A 4 Camera System With 48MP Main Camera~Including 5MP Macro Lens…I've Had My XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 9S Since December [The Good Ole Days When It Was Winter & The Holidays]And Have Had No Less Than Days And As 5 Days Battery Life…

  14. Obviously the specs ain't like some high end game phone but if you lower the graphics most high end games are playable and the battery lasts! Imo it's a pretty good cheap phone for gaming if you don't mind graphics

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