Moto G9 Power full review

The Moto G9 Power is all about super long battery life. …

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  1. Most people who use a budget device prioritize battery life over every other feature anyways-720 p display is also going to improve performance as well–and most people who uses the Moto power series won't even recognize the display downgrade if it was not written on the spec sheet-i think it should have come with a compass though eitherway great review will and gsmarena-love your content-waiting for your next video🙂……

  2. I do not use my phone for games, unless an occasional sudoku counts as gaming. I do use it to check my social media, make phone calls, send Emails and messages, and keep tabs on my banking accounts. And that's what is does and does so for a great number of days before recharging the battery.
    So on paper it might be a downgrade, well it has more memory, NFC, face unlock and is a newer phone so you should get updates longer.

  3. i really have no idea what's going on with moto this year. all downgrades from not only last year but even 2yrs ago. and they were really the only company that provided dual speakers in almost all their budget phones and i admired them for that but now since even that's being taken away…..there's really no reason to be interested in them anymore.

  4. One thing about Moto is that when you go into developer options it clearly shows 3gb out of 4gb is already occupied without any app open. Phones are heavily dependent on Google apps which uses too much ram in background. Phones feel glitchy when browsing in any app because of heavy ram use in background. After all this you are being "made to upgrade your phone system". If you don't phone upgrade it will say "phone will upgrade automatically when least in use". I don't even have automatic upgrade system on. After upgrade phone gets even more slower. My one year old redmi 8(wasn't forced to upgrade system) feels faster than Moto I have right now.

  5. Great review! This helped me to go and buy Moto G8 Power instead. G8 Power at 149 euros was the perfect deal. Great crisp FullHD+ screen, Stereo speakers, 4 versatile cameras – and they are NOT mediocre! Just installed Google GCam apk and now I can take amazing photos especially in the dark! Daytime photos took a boost too. Motorola UI is great almost stock android but with useful extras. Notification display is great too. Very happy with this purchase and GCam quality.

  6. Since '17, tired of losing the use of my phone due to the connector stop working, I chose power and battery life as priority one over other features. Granted I've lost phones due to other mishaps. I digress. Fast charging is not all that it's cracked up to be. It produces a lot of heat which eventually wears down your battery and phone. I would like a choice of charging modes. That should be a thing and it's unfortunate that it isn't, although you can use lesser quality chargers to slow it down. One complaint he lodges is how long it took to get to 20%. Well, 20% of a 6,000 MaH battery is a bit different than 20% of a 4,000 MaH battery.
    A good case is a must these days if you want your phone to last a few years. I ultimately went with the Motorola G Power 2020 this time around. It's shipping now. Hope I'm not dissappointed.

  7. I researched the G9 lineup for days before buying so let me weigh in with my opinion. People compare this phone to G8 Power, which is understandable, but it's a successor in name only. Instead, you should think of it as G9 Play with more storage and battery, because that's exactly what it is. You do also get a bit taller screen with a punch hole and cameras with more MP but other than that, hw specs are identical to G9 Play. Is it worth the price difference? Arguably yes, if you've decided not to go with Xiaomi/Realme and if you hunt patiently for a Moto sale (at 20% discount the price gap between Power and Play shrinks considerably). I personally dislike punch holes so I ended up ordering the Play but I was on the fence for awhile, not so much for the battery as much as that extra 64 GB. Sure you can expand storage with a microSDXC card but even the best of them can't match the speed of internal UFS 2.1 chip. Realistically, 64 GB is enough for system & apps while a good microSD will do fine for bulky media, but 128 GB of fast memory is sure nicer to have. Now, the problem with paying more for G9 Power is you can then bump the budget a little further and get G9 Plus, which also gets you 128 GB plus FHD screen and a substantially better chipset. Apart from being faster, 730G chipset is 8nm which means better energy efficiency. G9 Power still has better endurance rating but not by a huge margin (Play=120h, Power=155h, Plus=136h; source: gsmarena), so even the Power's main selling point loses some of its competitive edge. In conclusion, G9 Power is not a bad buy but you should probably go with either the Play or Plus instead.

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