Moto G Stylus Camera Tips and Tricks

📍If you have a Moto G Stylus YOU NEED THIS:

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  1. Do you have any tips on how to use the macro camera whenever I take a picture it always seems to be slightly out of focus and not sharp even when I'm holding the phone completely still the object I was trying to photograph is not sharp is there something I can do or if it just because of the quality of the camera?

  2. Actually you don't always want your focus of the picture in the center that's actually the opposite of what you want most of the time. When using that grid correctly you align subjects with the rule of thirds and let's objects or rather your attention to those objects flow from section to section in a more aesthetic way. Please look up the rule of thirds man I think you'd like the idea

  3. I must dispute your very first tip. The instant launch on the camera is not a very fast hatcheting motion. To launch the torch it is a fast 3x hatchet type motion. For the camera launch it is a simple, easy side to side waggle motion. Like your shaking a bottle of chocolate milk. Not hard, not fast. Easy waggle.

  4. This is a great video on tips . I just bought my moto g stylus and I notice when I play back the videos that I have taken it shows a shakiness to the videos. The videos are not steady any tips to stabilize the videos would be appreciated .

  5. 4:40 nonnoononono, that is the ultrawide/Action camera, and that can only record at 1080p@60fps. The main camera is the one that records at either 4k@30fps or 1080p@60fps, and it is able to be switched to by pressing the bottom button to the right of the one that switches to the selfie camera, but to the left of the record button.

    It is confusing, but I think that you should have known that, since you did make a review on the device. Sorry if I seem aggressive, I just want the facts to be known about this device, since it is my daily driver and I want other people to switch to it because of how good it is. 🙂

  6. When I take pictures with this phone it doesn't save the image files right side up. How do I adjust the settings so that it knows how the phone was held when the picture was taken? I am not even sure what this option would be called.

  7. Air pods trash bud. There new ones are where its at but galaxy Buds are much better then the air buds. I'd say not better then the new air pods but they are also 100 or so cheaper so that makes them better.

  8. Can I ask why the Moto g has three camera why.. is it working we can use it and how coz I'm looking the other cell phone with three camera they can use it all few weeks ago we just bought it Moto g but when you taking vedio to dark coz no flash for night just only flash when you taking picture and the extra 2 camera can I use it and how is it true camera ?🙂

  9. How come with the Moto G Stylus when I take a selfie picture then check the exif data it says it's 4 megapixel when the self cam is supposed to be a lot more?

  10. Wow the aggressiveness of that gesture, it's better if you just twist from right to left while holding it straight, almost like doing those trunk twist exercises from back in middle school 😂

  11. Does anyone know why, when I take a picture at night, the night vision setting kicks on even when I don't have it set to night vision. It's annoying.
    Any help is greatly appreciated!

  12. so I realized that on your phone the whole screen is the camera and the bottom part where you take pictures is see through how do I do that on mine, that clear see-through part that you have for me is black will that affect the size of the picture I try changing the sizes but that little section still stays filled out black and not clear like yours I'm talking about the part of the screen where you would click to take the picture on your phone

  13. I love this phone now even more!! The coolest part of the video to me was all of it !! When ya tapped on one of the grid pattern squares and it brightened/darkened the screen was one of the best features to me ! I have always been ignorant when it comes to these new cameras!! Thanks a lot!

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