Moto G Stylus (2021) – Pros and Cons!

Here’s Motorola Moto G Stylus (2021) pros and cons! What do …

25 thoughts on “Moto G Stylus (2021) – Pros and Cons!

  1. I refuse to buy the Moto G Stylus 2021 that does not have fingerprint scanner unlocked, display for watching videos on youtube with a better angle and brighter colors, NFC to use google pay to buy something, dual speakers to hear from the top and bottom of the cellphone, and it needs to have a better snapdragon prosessor 5 gigabyte of ram.

  2. Thanks again Andre… Owning the 2020 variant of the G Stylus do like the addition of the side-mounted fingerprint scanner, "pop-out" so-to-speak stylus, slightly faster SoC. Don't like the fact Motorola increased display size, they kept the 2MP macro lens, the stereo speakers are now non-existent, and the fact Motorola chose not to launch here in Canada (would have meant an increase in price anyways). I personally have no real need for NFC, and 5G well still a ways off where I live unlikely to take advantage for another 1.5-2 years.

  3. I recently purchased this device directly from Motorola. Other than downloading all of my applications and setting up the device, I have not been using it. I am waiting for my Tempered Glass Screen Protectors to arrive. I already have a case.

  4. I'm done with Motorola. Yes their handsets represent good value but they are being left behind by other oems who are putting 120hz screens, better processors, 5G and more than 4GB of RAM in their phones.

    I mean, using the snapdragon 678 whilst there's phones coming out for the same price or less with the snapdragon 750G etc is just a slap in the face. Plus they launch this phone on Android 10 and promise one update? Like wtf man.

  5. Just bought this phone….using it to see if I want to return it for the Nord N10. I do like the stylus, but, don't know how much better the N10 would be. I have noticed that my battery seems to drop pretty rapidly (not when asleep…so, doesn't seem to be a malfunction). It dropped 25% in a couple of hours with moderate use.

  6. I really can not chose between the moto g power and the moto g stylus. I don't care about how they r a downgrade this year because I've never had motorola phones. The stylus on this phone is an insult to me and doesn't do anything like the lg stylo but that phone lagged so much. I loved the moto g power and had no issues but I do wish it had better screen and more storage. The battery is amazing on that thing. For some reason I'm noticing the stylus won't let me touch the screen sometimes when trying to allow location from a website which was strange

  7. Just got 2 moto g stylus 2021 from boost mobile for 179. I walked out with two stylus 2021 activated with two cases and two screenprotecter for a total of 197.23. Activated and Everything. Them small boost stored in the mall or on "the block". Is the way to. Really great deals

  8. Gotta disagree with the finger print being on the power button. I understand your point about unlocking your phone in "one motion". The thing is, with the fingerprint sensor on the back (I use to use a Pixel 3) and with one motion, my index finger already at the back of the phone and my phone is unlocked. I now use a fold 2 and absolutely hate how the fingerprint sensor is on the side and how it makes the power button flush with the frame of the phone. I also use a G Stylus '21 for my bedside, I find the power button location to be horrendous and kind of awkward to push in so I can lock it. I personally wish more companies would move/keep the fingerprint sensor on the back where it is most comfortable

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