Moto G Power (2021) vs Moto G Power (2020) – Who Will Win?

Let’s compare the new 2021 Moto G Power vs the old …

48 thoughts on “Moto G Power (2021) vs Moto G Power (2020) – Who Will Win?

  1. I got the 2020 version. It's very nice and pretty smooth. I do get lag and stutter every now and then. This is a good option to get if you want to get close to a flagship without spending too much.

  2. I have the 2020 and I love it. It's all I need and having a bigger display isn't that important to me. I also have a Moto G7 Maxx which is pretty nice too.

  3. The only reason I bought the 2021 is because it only costs $85. The 2020 costs $239 on Amazon. 720p is the only dislike I have with the 2021, but for 85 bux I can learn to live without 1080p just like millions of iPhone SE users.

  4. You mentioned the upgrade to 48 megapixels for the camera on the 2021 but didn't stress it as important. I think that's a huge upgrade. I have the 2020 version and find the ultrawide angle lens to be almost useless. So there is that.

  5. I'm confused on the camera comparison I don't know a lot about phone tech but 48>16 on the main camera its a lot on mbs so there's gotta be some difference right? Don't get me wrong the ultra wide feature is good but I don't care so much about that I want quality pictures and videos, I want your opinions on this

  6. Wanna know something fun? Finally found a G power in a different city… But instead of the 2020 I wanted they sold me the 2021… It sucks but oh well..

  7. I don't get the fingerprint sensor being better on the side. Ever since I got my moto g6, I love where the sensor is and it seems just natural to put my finger there. Just my opinion

  8. Thank you, I'm returning my 2021 and getting the 2020. I'm new to Motorola, so I wasn't aware of all the options. The main reasons are physical size the (2021 is way to big for me), 64GB instead of 32GB(The 2021 hogs up 18GB of the 32GB with loaded software), Camera (the 2020 offers wide angle lens).

  9. Great video. I have been reading up on what phone to buy to replace my soon to be phased out 3g non smart phone. Apple is just a pain to me, and I never liked their business company. Unlocked long life phone MOTO jumped out at me thanks to a guy that worked at the local Target. This video confirms everything I read on line. Going to get the 2020 this week for sure and then going to dump ATT and go with the T Mobile 55+ plan. ATT's customer service has been so bad over the years, I just have to try another carrier. I mean their agents have been terrible, chat takes hours to get chatting, etc.

  10. The Moto G Power 2021 charges slightly faster because of 15w turbo charge which is capable, but the difference will not be big between 10w and 15w turbo charge, they charge faster, but power for hours, it can have ultra long battery life!

  11. Have both..21 is definitely a downgrade of mass proportions. Buy the 20. They will be gone soon, buy an extra.. Price is down to 179 on Amazon now. Picked up 2 more after I figured out the 21 is definitely not worth the extra cash.

  12. I just got the 2021 and they told me that you can use a wireless charger for it. I am getting several different answers of yes and no, so I am just going to get one and see for myself. And in my opinion, this is better than the g7 supra that I just had.

  13. Was gonna get the 2021, good thing I watched this vid and read comments…2020 is cheaper on Amazon and is apparently better than the latest one. Needed that headphone jack for my Sennheisers. Phone I'm using now is a moto g5 plus from 2017 and it's endured multiple drops from scrub pockets all while just in a jelly case so crossing my fingers the build quality is the same.

  14. I completely agree with your assessment. In my opinion, it's almost as if Moto thought '"gee we gave the consumer way to much in 2020 so we need to downgrade" .. I'm at a loss .. As always, love your channel … you never disappoint … always clear, concise, honest feedback. Thank you Kevin! d–(^ ‿ ^ )z

  15. Not sure.why they would put a much better camera on a device with a worse display 🤔 I guess you won't know if your pictures are better till you download them to something with a better display 🤦

  16. Excellent comparison. Decided to buy two more 2020's for $129 based on this review, to replace an LGV20 and a Moto G6, and to add to my wife's 2020 which she got just after launch. It's only lost 6% battery in a year and continues to work great.
    They obviously have shifted the 2021 down in the market place, maybe to make room for another better spec'd model?

  17. Is the 2021's 48MP rear camera not an upgrade over 16MP in 2020? I don't think 720p vs 1080p on such a small device matters much, except requires less energy. Your processor test indicated 2021 (3/32GB) is just as fast if not faster than 2020, so I don't view it as a downgrade…Honestly, I use very little storage and value battery life over almost everything else, so the 32GB 2021 is great for my needs.

  18. Honestly, you can't physically tell between 720p and 1080p on a screen that small. Hell, even my 15.6" craptop shows no difference so even though it's a 1080p panel, I run everything at 720p to extend the battery life.

  19. I got my moto g power 2020 when it first came and let me tell you soooo happy with this product .I was soooo hype for the 2021 version I'm sad it's like they went back to the future …I mean the moto g power 2020 it was lil more pricey and I got cheaper I wouldn't mind paying extra 50 if the moto g power 2021 was and upgrade like it's supposed to be ..well bs my pips bsssssss 💯 %%%%%..

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