Moto G Power (2021) vs. Moto G Power (2020) Comparison: A Total Downgrade!

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48 thoughts on “Moto G Power (2021) vs. Moto G Power (2020) Comparison: A Total Downgrade!

  1. Got 2020 Moto G Power back in May from Motorola, friend asked me to get additional one in February 2021, I recognized the downgrade and was unable to get the old 2020 phone on Motorola's website. What's going on with Motorola?

  2. Welp. It's decided then. The 'ole lady needs a new phone. Looks like last years G Power it is. So be it.

    Thanks for the content and offering info on non-flagship devices. Hope to see more of this stuff.

  3. You won me. I have the G8 Power (the european G power 2020) which i bought at 135 on Amazon. And the only downside of it is the emmc5.1 storage. Shame on motorola, the next phones are all downgrades…

  4. Didn't Motorola used to make flagship devices? Seems that the only flagship they launched was the Edge Plus on Verizon. I guess there was the RAZR 5G but I don't consider that a flagship with the middle grade processor.

  5. I thought they would go 6.8 screen and a 6000mah like the overseas model I've seen. I would have paid for that model. Glad I got the 2020 power this one is trash

  6. Could of overlooked everything downgraded, till I found out the screen was downgraded to 720p 😒
    That's one of my top areas I draw the line at, I want at least 1080 with my screen.

  7. you didn't even mention the fact that if you have your Bluetooth device plugged in, and you're on wi-fi, you're going to have half the speed, and it will randomly disconnect anyway… but yeah, you pretty much nailed it. edit also, the camera isn't 48MP effective, from moto "the 48MP sensor combines 4 pixels into 1, for an effective photo resolution of 12MP."

  8. I have never had the 2020 version since my carrier never had it. The only one I ever had was the Moto G7 Optimo Maxx which was a pretty solid phone for what it was worth. And the first modern Motorola phone that I ever owned. But I do like the Moto G Power. It is a beast of a phone for what it's worth. If most people feel the previous version of that phone is a beast. Then either stick with the phone or get it.

  9. Now I'm even more perplexed as to how target had the 2020 unlocked version on clearance for $75. Didn't really need a new phone yet, my moto G Play from about 4.5 years ago still works, but wow what an upgrade, and I paid $150 for the moto G Play and only $75 for this 2020 moto g power.

  10. If nothing else, Motorola could have kept the dual speakers from the 2020 model, but with the 2021 version they could have had them both fire outwards. It'd be a large improvement over the speaker arrangement from the 2020 version, which has a downward firing bottom speaker.
    Plus the 3.5 mm jack could have been top center.

    They had a chance to fix certain design flaws from the 2020 Moto G Power but it sounds like they dropped the ball on that one.

  11. Thank you my man. I just got a tracfone one for my girlfriend to have as an emergency backup when her iphone at&t phone fails. Tracfone uses verizon so I try to keep her with different networks since she always travels in the boondocks for work. Gave you a thumbs up and subscribed.

  12. We have to be real here. There is no visible difference between 720p and 1080p on a display that is less than 7 inches from a normal viewing distance. I have a 2020 and 2021 model side by side and the difference in resolution is not noticeable unless you squint and look really close. Unless you're using your phone for VR experiences, you should prefer to have a 720p display because that results in both less memory usage, but also much less battery life consumed during active use. Which is the whole point of the Power.

    The camera is also much better on the 2021 model, but you have to be comfortable with installing a third party camera app. It's also fine that they removed 4K video recording because the cameras on both of these phones are simply not good enough to make 4K video recordings worth it. Let's also be real here that unless you're spending $1K+ on a phone specifically marketed as a high end camera phone, you should be using a proper DLSR camera for 4K video recordings.

  13. I like the new phone. The screen looks good to me. For the money, I think this is good value. I was using a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I damaged it, and decided I was just going to buy a cheaper phone. As far as sound, I don't find any Smartphone with its built in speakers sound all that good. Use headphones at least, then you can hear something that's better than a tin can sound.

  14. Just bought my wife last years model for these reasons, and it was only $50 on Google Fi when transferring her number. Very disappointed by Moto here. I have been using Moto Gs for YEARS, I think since the Moto G2, and always recommend them to people looking for good but cheap phones. Not this year's mode. I wonder if it part of the tech shortage around the world and the pandemic.

  15. I think you're execution is good, production wise you're doing a good job. My only complaint is that you didn't really demo the camera as well as you could have, such as taking photos/video outside, indoors, different locations, etc… And while I do agree this phone is a downgrade regarding specs, it still has a really nice camera, pretty much the same as the Moto Zoom, making this the Zoom's little brother by camera spec comparison. Yes the original G Power is a better phone, but for someone whose more interested in photography rather then specs, this has the potential of being a great camera phone. Next time maybe you can sign off saying something along those lines instead of focusing on the negatives. Just some friendly criticism, you're doing great otherwise. Thanks for the comparison.

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