Moto G Power (2021) vs iPhone 12 – Who Will Win?

Let’s compare Moto G Power (2021) versus iPhone 12.
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20 thoughts on “Moto G Power (2021) vs iPhone 12 – Who Will Win?

  1. 5 PILLARS of a great smartphone by MKBHD

    Display – iPhone (amoled vs lcd)
    Build quality – iphone (glass and stainless steel)
    Camera – iphone
    Performance – iPhone (5nm chip)
    Battery – moto g power.

    4/5 = iphone
    1/5 = moto g power.


  2. Love that you guys review these "average phones" and not high-end flagships all the time! I went with the Moto G (2021) but wish I had purchased the 2020 model instead. As I have commented in other Motorola reviews, I WISH they would have give us better cameras. Aside from that… for the price, I don't think the Moto is a bad choice. They do pack nice features and can only hope they start to listen to reviewers like your channel. Thanks for doing these comparisons!

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