Moto G Power 2021 Unboxing & Impressions!

Hey, all I hope you found this video useful. The moto …

10 thoughts on “Moto G Power 2021 Unboxing & Impressions!

  1. I returned it because it's only a 720p display. It's good if money is tight and you only have $100 to spend. I'm going to buy the Samsung Galaxy S20FE.

  2. I'm pissed on this phone because people start informing me that' sometimes the calls go to voicemail and sometimes my text don't come now when I had my iphone 11 never had that problem does anybody else have that problem

  3. LG Is My #1 Favorite Brand…But Sadly Since There Isn't Going To Be An LG STYLO 7~Which According To Rumors~Was Slated For Release This Month…I Plan To Purchase This One~Instead Of The MOTOROLA MOTO G STYLUS~I Find It Quite Backwards That The MOTOROLA MOTO G STYLUS Is A Bit Larger But Has Only A 4000mAh Battery…Yet This One Is A Bit Smaller With A Larger 5000mAh Battery…The Design & Specs Are Bloody Amazing~Very Similar To XIAOMI Devices~Right Down To The Side Mounted Fingerprint Sensor…I've Already Purchased A Case For The MOTOROLA MOTO G POWER~Which Was Delivered Yesterday…So My Choice Is Set…I Had A Good Run With My LG STYLO 6~But Battery Life Has Been Disappointing To Satisfactory At Best…I Feel I Maybe Getting Better Battery Life From The MOTO G POWER…

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